Choosing a good remedy for thrush

Choosing a good remedy for thrush

Yeast infection is the mostcommon among the female sex. More than 75% of all women suffer from it at some point in their lives. However, a good remedy for thrush can completely cure the disease.

What is a yeast infection?

This is a medical term, most often vaginalthe infection is called thrush, which is caused by a fungus such as Candida. Candida albicans is in our body and does not cause a person inconvenience until there is a reason that can cause the reproduction of the fungus.

a good remedy for thrush


When we talk about how to cure thrush forever, it is important to know the main causes of the onset of the disease.

Sexual transmission

Candida can be transmitted from person to personwith unprotected sex. If a woman who is sick with a thrush has unsafe contact with a man, then the likelihood that she has given him an infection is great. At the time of illness and its treatment, condoms should be used, bed linen is often changed.


With frequent administration of antibiotics, you can also provoke thrush development. It can appear in both children and adults.


People who are sick with diabetes have a high risk of "catching" a yeast infection due to elevated levels of sugar.


how to cure thrush forever

Once you have witnessed any symptom fromthe likelihood that you suffer from a yeast infection is great. But fully confirm this fact can only the gynecologist, taking from you a smear for analysis. So:

  • vaginal discharge, which have a curd-white consistency;
  • pain during sex;
  • severe itching and burning in the vaginal area and around the vagina;
  • swelling in the vulva;
  • sensations of burning during urination.

Treating Thrush

If nevertheless the analysis has confirmed presence at youyeast infection, discuss with the gynecologist further treatment and ask you to prescribe a good remedy for yeast infection. As a rule, gynecologists prescribe the drug "Diflucan", which has a wide spectrum in relation to other species of Candida and some other fungi. Candles for treatment of thrush are also effective, such as Candit-B6, Livarol and others. However, if you trust folk medicine, you can do without medication. Before using any method it is necessary to discuss this method of treatment with a gynecologist.

Tea tree oil

This oil is often referred to as naturalantifungal agent. There are two ways to use tea tree oil. Pour a few drops of oil on a tampon and insert into the vagina. Do this every morning and evening, for several days. You can also dilute 4-5 drops of oil in a mug with boiled warm water and by douching to defeat thrush.


Another way is syringing with soda. A small amount of soda is also bred in boiled water. With this solution, do syringing and dilute the genitals.

candles for treatment of thrush

Garlic and onions

A good remedy for thrush, can alsocure and erosion. Do not be surprised and do not dismiss these miracle drugs. If there are doubts, of course, discuss this method with a gynecologist. But those doctors who are loyal to folk medicine themselves offer this method of treatment. Before applying this method it is necessary to make syringing with soda solution. Gently clean the clove of garlic and place in a homemade tampon made of sterile gauze or bandage. Tie a tampon, not cutting off the thread for a successful subsequent removal of it from the vagina. Before going to bed put the swab in the vagina and leave it overnight. Do this procedure for ten days, but the result is visible after a week. The treatment with onions is similar, only the onion needs to be taken light (not red). Prepare a homemade swab, cut a small amount of onions finely or grate on a large grater. Put the slurry on a tampon and tie it with a thread. The tampon should be inserted before going to bed, it should be taken out in the morning, the duration of the treatment is ten days. With such methods, if you feel a burning sensation, then a slight, but mostly no discomfort is observed.

Precautionary measures

Whatever is a good remedy for thrush, but some precautions to follow all the same it is worth:

  • stop wearing synthetic underwear;
  • do not wear thong panties;
  • Do not use perfume gels and sprays for intimate hygiene.

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  • Choosing a good remedy for thrush Choosing a good remedy for thrush Choosing a good remedy for thrush Choosing a good remedy for thrush Choosing a good remedy for thrush Choosing a good remedy for thrush Choosing a good remedy for thrush Choosing a good remedy for thrush