Castles of Spain: Boutron (Castillo de Butron)

Castles of Spain: Boutron (Castillo de Butron)

Castle Butron - undoubtedly one of the most impressive and beautiful medieval sights of Spain. Even though this magnificent fort was originally built for military activities, it ultimately had a much more important goal. It is believed that the original construction date of the Butron dates back to the 11th century, but its current state is the result of extensive reconstruction.

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The castle is very beautiful. It was built in the 11th century, when the Butron family ordered the construction of a typical medieval tower over their house. In the 14th century, a primitive tower was transformed into a castle, which became the current residence of the owners during the time of the Catholic Kings. The castle is associated with many legends about the feud of clans, murders and intrigues.


Gradually, when the fighting between the Boutrons and their rivals subsided, the tower began to overgrow with residential and outbuildings, turning into a full-fledged castle. Here the most generous nobles of Spain, and even kings, were frequent guests.

The castle surrounds the moat. Next comes the driveway, which offers a beautiful view.The park has many ancient trees and exotic plants.


It is said that in those days (11th century) two gangster groups lived and strongly quarreled among themselves in these places. The struggle was for land and for power. It is known that both gangs were very cruel and the struggle was not for life, but for death. And so it went on for several centuries.

It is also known that in the 15th century King Enrique IV the Impotent lived here for some time. The story of this king's nickname is interesting. In fact, he was not impotent, but impotent.


Butron was forgotten and abandoned for almost three hundred years. And only in the XIX century, the Marquis de Torrecilla, the last owner of the Butron ruins, decided to restore the castle in honor of his lady's heart. He collected funds for the construction from the local residents - peasants. But since there was not enough money, the work lasted a very long time. Until the beginning of the last century.


It should be noted, the ideas of the Marquis were aimed at building a castle as a dwelling, but the layout turned out to be very inconvenient for living, because the towers did not have enough useful rooms, and even they were connected by open-air transitions not suitable for the humid climate of these places.

After restoration, the castle passed to the duke de Medinaselli and then to the duchess de Cardona.


For some time the castle was used as an expensive hotel and as a venue for weddings and various events. But it was not going very well, and the castle was put up for auction for not paying debts. Now the castle belongs to one commercial real estate agency and is under state protection.


The descendants of Butronov now live in many countries of Latin America. Many live in Argentina. The heirs are not as fortunate financially as their forefathers. And can not contain their inheritance. Here is the manor in desolation. It turns out that not all castles have a fabulous life.


In the XX century. the castle becomes state property and opens as a museum. But all these activities with excursions were again unprofitable. Lock decide to close.
A certain commercial company bought it in 2005 for one and a half million euros, but it continues to be protected by Spanish laws and is an object of important historical value.


Now it is the property of the state, there are undoubtedly many visitors here who enjoy it immensely, but inspection is possible only outside the castle, you can climb all the towers and turrets and enjoy the surroundings.

It is a pity that the castle is not open in its full glory, it is in desolation in its unspeakable life.


For some time the hotel was located in the castle, there are often held medieval views. But it turned out to be too expensive to serve and own such grandeur, and it was put up for auction for the paid debts.

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