Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews

Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews

Is in our time such a concept asa car seat, a new one? Of course not. In the car, every driver who travels with a small child must have this item. Best of all among the products of other firms has proven itself car seat Bertoni. Reviews about him in 90% of cases there are positive.

Why do I need a car seat?

Roads in Russia are often of poor quality, andthe culture of driving, too, leaves much to be desired. Every day, there are about 100 traffic accidents, which pose a danger to human life. Protect the child from unpleasant consequences will allow the car seat.

car seat bertoni reviews

Not so long ago in Germany, a study was conducted. It showed that when using this device in most cases the child remains unscathed after a collision. Based on all the factors, we can conclude that this device is really necessary in the car.

Why the Bertoni car seat?

Everyone knows that when choosing an automobile chair, it is worth paying attention to the ten main components:

  • It must be skeleton. Many parents buy a frameless accessory to save money. This is a common mistake. In fact, this kind of fake does not provide protection for the child. Is it worth saving on the health of your baby?
  • It is worth paying special attention to the situationbackrest. It is desirable that the child can sit comfortably and lie down. This is very important, because children often get tired during long journeys. In addition, a change in position will relieve the load from the spine.
  • A very important factor is the hygiene of the baby. It is recommended to buy a travel accessory with removable covers. They can be washed, freeing from the main frame.
  • In order for the child to be comfortable, it is recommended to select an armchair according to its weight category.
  • It is desirable to purchase goods with five-point belts, which will allow more securely fix the position of the child.
  • Particular attention should be paid to fixing the head restraint, which should match the growth of the child. Otherwise, you can get an injury to the cervical vertebrae while you are seat bertoni lorelli reviews
  • Particular attention should also be paid to the material. It should not be too brandy, since it will be problematic to wash it off. The cover must be made of natural fabric without dyes, which can cause allergy in the baby.
  • Belts should have a good length, because the child will need more space in the winter.
  • It is desirable that the seat is soft, this will reduce the burden on the spine.
  • Also pay attention to the method of attachment in the car.

All these qualities are possessed by a car seat Bertoni. Customer reviews only confirm this fact. Therefore, it is better to look at this brand from a wide variety of goods.

a brief description of

The Bertoni car seat is available in several main categories:

  • From 0 to 13 kg;
  • From 9 to 18 kg;
  • From 9 to 36 kg.

This suggests that the child from the very birthup to 12 years will feel completely safe. Many young moms and dads want to buy a Bertoni car seat (9-36 kg). Reviews about him are credible, so there is a desire to save money to buy goods that will last for many years.

car seat bertoni 9 36 kg reviews

All models include seat belts withmetal fastening, high sides and a fixed headrest. All this will create maximum safety at the moment of movement. Autoloules are additionally equipped with a sun visor, carrying handle and a removable attachment. Various soft lining will make traveling even more comfortable. The weight of the chair barely exceeds 3 kilograms, which is very convenient. All models are attached to the passenger seat belt. This procedure takes only a few minutes.

Positive reviews

As mentioned earlier, the best way to protectyour child - buy a car seat Bertoni Lorelli. Reviews about this product were divided into two categories - positive and negative. First of all, buyers identify several main factors:

  • Very beautiful coloring pleases the eye.
  • The chair is very comfortable and roomy.
  • For babies there is a special insert.
  • The product is very high-quality and does not lose its functional abilities after long-term use.
  • Some models are praised thanks to the four positions of the backrest.

car seat bertoni junior reviews

Based on the above advantages, you canboldly declare that from all variety of models it is necessary to choose a car seat Bertoni. The feedback left by customers indicates that at an affordable price you can buy a reliable product.

Negative moments

About any product, including such ascar seat Bertoni Junior, reviews are met and negative. Many people do not like the fact that in summer the child is too hot in it, so you have to put a cotton cloth. Some parents had difficulty adjusting the head restraint. Also had to deal with low-quality upholstery.

Price Characteristics

The cost of this product is from 3500 to7000 rubles. It should be noted that this indicator is much lower than that of similar models of other firms. The most demanded is the Bertoni Junior 9-36 kg, reviews of which on all sites of online stores only the best. You can buy it for only 6,995 rubles, and use it for more than ten years.

car seat bertoni junior 9 36 kg reviews

In conclusion, it should be noted that the leader insales among similar automotive accessories is the Bertoni car seat. Reviews about it - it's a kind of guarantee that a person will really get a quality product. If you want to buy a good, easy-to-install and beautiful design for the protection of a child, then it is worth giving preference to this particular model.

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  • Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews Car seat Bertoni: customer reviews