Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews

Car alarm "Starline E90": installation and reviews

The alarm system was released in 2013year, it still does not lose its relevance in terms of its technical and operational and functional qualities. The model refers to telematics security systems, which distinguishes it from most of the domestic developments. Moreover, even against the background of full-fledged car alarms with feedback, the Starline E90 kit looks more attractive thanks to the intelligent autorun function, the CAN interface and the Super Slave option.

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General requirements for installation

Installation of the alarm is allowed only invehicles, the voltage of the on-board network in which is 12 V. Before installing, you should check the electrical equipment in the cabin, the quality of the wiring, the presence of insulation shells and the performance of the battery pack. If the introduction of new electrical circuits is planned, then it is recommended to do this with the maximum permissible distance from devices that could potentially become sources of electrical interference. The same applies to heating equipment. Thermal and electromagnetic radiation negatively affects the functions of the "Starline E90" system. The instruction also indicates the risks of laying new networks in the areas of operation of the vehicle's mechanical organs. Wires should be laid in such a way that they do not come into contact with the pedals, the steering shoe and the gearbox handle. In the event of the future integration of additional control relays, consider bypassing the diodes.

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Starline E90 components placement

The main functional elements of thisThe car alarm package includes a central unit, sensors, a signal receiver and a siren. The control unit is mounted in the instrument panel of the machine. It is necessary to determine in advance the location in which there will be the possibility of fixing the box with the help of profile metal clips. It should also be taken into account that the correct operation of this component is possible only in the absence of strong vibrations and direct exposure to electromagnetic radiation. In order to minimize vibration, the Starline E90 installation should preferably be performed using a damping material. For example, soft lining under the mounting profiles will reduce the effects of vibrations during the movement of the car.

As for the sensors, they are located in thesecurity points - in the areas of windows and doors. The temperature sensor can be located anywhere, but so that it is not affected by warm flows of heating systems. Next, you can proceed to the placement of the Starline E90 antenna, which will be responsible for exchanging signals with the user. The optimum place for installing the receiver is near the windshield, but as high as possible. A complete tooling is used for fixing. The alarm siren is placed in the engine compartment. To prevent its flooding with water, the structure is placed with a horn down.

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Connecting to the power system

First of all, you need to connect the blackwire mass. It is fixed in the corresponding relay connector using a complete nut. Use the screws to fix the wire to the metal parts of the body instruction prohibits. At the same time, there should be no plastic elements between the terminals and the fasteners, otherwise there is a risk of interruption of the contact. When placing the wire in the engine compartment, it should be treated with anti-corrosion agents. After that, you can proceed to the "Starline E90" connection to the 12 V circuit. Red wires are used for this, one of which will be connected to the relay module. You can also use non-standard wires - the main thing is that they have a section of not less than 6 mm2. The connection is made directly to the battery.

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Organization of work of CAN-bus

Ability to use this interfacecan not be realized in every car. Therefore, initially it is worthwhile preparing for the use of alternative connection of the end outputs through the blue and green complete wires. In the future, the keyfob "Starline E90" will enable communication with the security nodes of the system through the main relay. As for CAN-module, it is introduced into the infrastructure by two or one cable - again, depending on the capabilities of the particular vehicle. The connection is made to the central unit on one side, and on the other - through the relay to the bus, limit switches are supplied from the doors, hoods, windows and other security points.

Installation Complete

After performing the installation operations and connectingthe main function blocks should immediately check the operability of the sound and light indication. The alarm must necessarily be accompanied by the operation of the optics. Then the efficiency of the "Starline E90" security mode is checked. The instruction indicates that for basic settings, the alarm should be triggered when the trunk, hood and doors are opened. Depending on the setting of the limit switches, the alarm can be activated when the ignition is switched on, the brake is deactivated and the pedal is depressed. In addition to checking the functions of the installed system, it is again necessary to audit the general condition of the on-board network with electrical equipment.

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Positive feedback about the system

Although this complex at a given timeit can not be called innovative, the combination of a wide range of modern functions is its main advantage, judging by the feedback of many owners. They note both the autorun system, and the availability of effective sensors, as well as the possibility of control over the GSM channel and other telematic options. It would seem that with this load the system should become a serious burden for the battery. But users of car alarm Starline E90 in the list of its advantages include energy efficiency. In terms of mechanical reliability, the kit is evaluated neutrally, but it also does not cause any significant criticism.

Negative feedback

Yet the multifunctionality of the device is notallowed the developers to completely eliminate certain conflicts in the electrical stuffing. First of all, some users of the alarm signal the instability of the autorun function, which is blocked by the immobilizer. To eliminate errors in the work of this component, you must install additional blocker crawlers. Also there are reviews about the "Starline E90", in which the quality of signal reception is criticized. According to official data, radio reception should be carried out in radii 800 and 2000 m, respectively, for the exchange of control signals and alerts. But in both cases, real ranges are limited to shorter distances. The modern design of the device and its compactness can not be attributed to shortcomings.

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This signaling package is optimalrepresentative of the middle class of telematic security systems for price and functional filling. If you need a complex that has a technologically advanced tool for car protection, then it is not easy to find this solution on the market. On the other hand, the "Starline E90" car alarm requires additional adjustment. This increases the cost of the security system, can deliver certain troubles in the operation. Therefore, this package is recommended only to users who are familiar with the nuances of automotive electrical engineering, the use of telematic devices.

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  • Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews Car alarm Starline E90: installation and reviews