Caesar with salmon

Caesar with salmon

Very many probably heard about a wonderful saladCaesar. It is served in many restaurants and even cafes, and each time its recipe is slightly different. What is the main secret of this salad preparation? They say that the main "chip" is the salad dressing, thanks to which this unique, unique and very delicate taste is achieved ... Let's consider in more detail the recipe.

The famous Caesar salad was first prepared in1924, the cook, whose name he now bears - the Italian Caesar (Cesare) Cardini. He thought of it as follows: too many people came to Tijuana, before the restaurant was closed, a hungry crowd burst into the hall, eager to eat. And Caesar had almost no food left. As a result, he mixed everything he had, namely: garlic, mayonnaise, soy sauce, croutons, lettuce, olives and olives, and served this masterly dish to the guests. What was the surprise of the talented restaurateur, when they came to full delight and asked for supplements! On that day, there were celebrities in Caesar's establishment who told about the salad in Los Angeles, and then in Europe. So that Caesar salad is popular with Hollywood stars, who often visited Tijuana and ate this salad.

The original Caesar was a vegetarian dish. But soon in the salad began to add a dietary chicken breast. And by the way, this only improved the taste of the dish and made it more satisfying. And some cooks replaced chicken meat with fish - and cooked Caesar with salmon. This also gives the salad a new and interesting flavor. Both salads are unusually tasty and healthy, so it would be great if they were in your diet. In addition, they quickly prepare.

So, Caesar with salmon can be prepared according to the following recipe:

Products: leaves of lettuce - 1 kachan, olives - 3-5 pieces, garlic - 2 cloves, wheat bread - 5 pieces, salmon - 100 grams, mayonnaise - 2 tablespoons, parmesan cheese - 50 grams, olives - 4-5 pieces, salt, pepper to taste, soy sauce - 2 tbsp. spoons.

How to cook Caesar with salmon? It is easier to take ready-to-eat salmon than to prepare it yourself. Smoked salmon - an ideal option for the preparation of Caesar salad with salmon. By the way, the salmon can be replaced with any other red fish that you like.

Slice the salmon in small pieces, thenwe prepare toast, then we start preparing sauce for Caesar salad with salmon. You need to mix mayonnaise and soy sauce, and then add there grated garlic. Then grind the croutons, mix them with the fish, pour it all with sauce, and sprinkle it with grated cheese. Olives and olives are an amazing decoration of the dish. As you can see, the Caesar salad recipe with salmon is very simple. Twenty minutes, and the dish is ready!

If Caesar with salmon is tooextreme for you option, then prepare Caesar with chicken. In different restaurants this dish is prepared according to different recipes, stacked differently, but the composition of the products is the same, so the same taste.

For cooking, you will need the following set of ingredients:

  • chicken - 500 grams;
  • Lettuce leaves - 1 puff .;
  • 2 Eggs (chicken or quail, does not matter);
  • toast;
  • cherry tomatoes;
  • Parmesan cheese;
  • sauce.

Cooking method:

Slides we put on the dish lettuce leaves - notcut, and large-torn, watered with their sauce. Then we put on toast, then cook the chicken with cubes and put it on top of toast. Top with water sauce again. Then again - lettuce, croutons, and on top - cheese cubes. Pour the sauce, decorate with tomato and eggs, sprinkle with grated cheese. But this is not really Caesar salad with chicken. The sauce, without which the dish will be incomplete, is prepared as follows: olive oil - 1 spoon, 2 cloves of garlic, mayonnaise - 2 spoons, soy sauce, mustard - 2 teaspoons. Thoroughly mix the ingredients until smooth. With this mixture and fill the salad.

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