Buttercups poisonous

Buttercups poisonous

Buttercup poisonous - a flower without pomp and withoutaroma. He is ordinary and very familiar, although he has a poisonous temper. But in the oral folk art the poisonous buttercups entered, like lyrical heroes, and many myths, legends and epics are dedicated to them. This family of plants includes more than twenty names, including a beautiful adonis. However, his father is exactly this yellow and unpretentious flower. It is found on any forest edge, along each of the roads, on each of the meadows and even on one of the highest heights in the Himalayas, equal to six and a half thousand meters. It was discovered there by researchers in 1955.

The poisonous hawks live on the ground for a very long time. They open their petals with astonishment, as if asking where so many people appeared in their possessions? In ancient mythology, this flower was the emblem of Mars, in the Old Slavic epic - Peruna. The ancient Romans called it the flower of the Aryans, finding in it a resemblance to treacherous Germans. The toad grass of the buttercup was poisonous in Greece. One of the myths tells that when the goddess Leto came to give birth, she was pursued by an evil serpent. She tried to escape in one of the villages. But its inhabitants did not give her even water, and not that help in childbirth. Angered, she turned villagers into toads and settled them in a swamp where poisonous buttercups grew.

Buttercups poisonous

No matter how amusing this myth, but today the Latintheir name, used in the pharmacy business, sounds like this in translation. Rubbing the flower. In the times of Ahmed II in the Ottoman Empire images of buttercups and pea leaves were found in many ornaments. Carpets, silk outfits, ceramic and copper utensils were decorated with them. Over time, this tradition was so established that the symbol of the power of the sultans was precisely the poisonous buttercup. Photos of this noble flower are included in many exhibitions of our time. He was sung in his works by Blok and Nabokov, and Sokolov. One of the Old Slavic legends says that the buttercup became "evil" and poisonous after the enemy of mankind, Satan, tried to hide from the just wrath of Michael the Archangel in him. Buttercup poisonous photo

According to popular belief, those who need money,it is recommended to collect buttercups. Once upon a time there was a guy and a girl. They loved each other. Yes, the guy was from the poor, although competent, so the rich priest of the girl resisted their love and tried to bribe her daughter. The girl threw his gold coins on the ground in the hearts, and they turned into buttercups poisonous.

Buttercup poisonous flower

They grow a lot in pastures. But no ladybird ever takes it in her mouth fresh. Because one drop of its juice is enough to cause a rash or blisters on the skin. In this case, mowers, harvested hay for winter feed to cows, horses and goats, do not care about the fact that it has many buttercups. After all, they are harmless. Blossom from May to June, just at the time of haymaking. Grow in lowlands, wet and waterlogged places, where grasses grow high and forage abundant. But do not collect these flowers by hand. Their toxic properties can appear immediately. Especially dangerous for children. Therefore, buttercups are better to just admire. They are worth it.

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