Bread kvass home: a recipe for health

Bread kvass home: a recipe for health

Shop or home? Ask any person if he drank bread kvass? And for sure you will get an affirmative answer. But after the question: "How to make bread kvass at home?" - even the most exemplary mistress will think. And then there are options. It is easier for us to buy some expensive drink with an overseas name and a suspicious composition. Maybe it's better to try to cook the bread kvass home, the recipe of which is simple and fast in execution. Kvass is literally useful to everyone: and those who have weakened immunity, and those with gastritis and reduced acidity, and even those who have a sick heart.Kvass bread home

Advantages of bread kvass

Today there are many recipescooking kvass. But especially useful bread kvass home, the recipe of which does not provide for the use of yeast. In Russia bread kvass was drunk both in the royal chambers and in the cottages of ordinary peasants, and during the fast kvass together with black bread and onions was the main source of vitamins. Kvas quenched thirst, gave courage and restored strength. Patients in hospitals and infirmaries received kvass as a medicine, because even then doctors knew about such beneficial properties of this drink as improving digestion and cleansing the body of microbes. Today, scientists only confirm that kvass bread home worsens the conditions for the propagation of harmful bacteria, tones up the general condition of the body, normalizes the heart activity and the digestive system.Bread kvass in the home

Advantages of bread kvass:

- used in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system, to improve health and mood, with hypertension, diseases of the cardiovascular system;
- increases male strength, strengthens teeth, heals the liver and eyes, is used in diets for weight loss;
- If a person suffers from gastritis and has a low acidity, doctors recommend that he consume kvass bread home before eating.

Useful properties of kvass are indisputable, but it is not worth itabused if there are such chronic diseases as colitis, ulcer, increased acidity, liver disease. To reduce the acidity of kvass, honey is added to it to taste.

Simple rules

Prepare kvass from rye bread can be, following simple rules:

1. Take bread only rye.
2. Use only cold boiled water.
3. Store bread kvass in a cool place.
4. Drink kvass for 2-3 days.
5. Utensils for wort from rye bread should be used only enameled or glass.
6. For berry kvass take whole and ripe berries.

Bread kvass home: recipe without yeastbread kvass home recipe
In a 0.5-liter jar we pour a glass of boiledchilled water, crush 0.5 fraction of rye bread and add a spoonful (tea) of sugar. The leaven in the can is covered with a cloth and left to be sour in a warm place. Fermentation without yeast takes a day or two. After a day or two try the leaven, it must be cloudy and with a sharp taste. In a 2-liter jar pour out the leaven, add two slices of crushed bread, a tablespoon of sugar and fill the jar with chilled boiled water. We close the lid and let the day stand. After a day or two, taste our kvass, pour 2/3 of liquid into a separate bowl. The remaining leaven is added with slightly warm boiled water, we add crushed bread, close and again insist.

Bread kvass home, the recipe of which is notprovides yeast, is a useful and tasty drink that will delight throughout the summer, and for the preparation of which you need very little desire, time and products.

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  • Bread kvass home: a recipe for health Bread kvass home: a recipe for health Bread kvass home: a recipe for health Bread kvass home: a recipe for health Bread kvass home: a recipe for health