Bleeding from the rectum

Bleeding from the rectum

Severe haemorrhage from the rectum occursvery rarely, with diverticula or angiodysplasia. With a large loss of blood, the patient is depleted, lowering blood pressure, severe weakness until fainting. With minor bleeding, individual drops, veins of blood or smearing secretions visible on the underwear, the patient does not feel well.

But to pass or take place inspection and to make a colonoscopypreferably in any case. During the procedure, the doctor can eliminate some of the causes of bleeding: remove polyps, prizhech small ulcers and bleeding vessels. Moderate and abundant bleeding is treated in an inpatient setting by an operative route with blood transfusion.

Bleeding from the rectum has different causesand is noticeable in many diseases. Crimson blood, found on feces or toilet paper, indicates the presence of internal hemorrhoids or a crack in the rectum. Very rarely this sign can manifest itself in cancer of the anus.

The appearance of blood veins along with mucus infecal masses arouses suspicion of colitis, proctitis, polyp. This often speaks of colon cancer. A dark stool, almost black in color, speaks of internal bleeding from the stomach and the small intestine.

Isolation of small droplets or a thin trickle of bloodat the end of defecation characterizes bleeding with hemorrhoids. The most abundant it will be in the complication of thrombosis - necrosis of the hemorrhoidal node, when a seal in the anus is probed.

Never wait a visit to a doctor for later. After all, very often this delay becomes fatal. Therefore, it is important for every person to know when to go to the hospital:

  • spotting appeared for the first time, regardless of quantity, frequency, abundance and color;
  • massive bleeding from the rectum, which does not stop for 20 minutes (in this case, call an ambulance);
  • at the age after 40 years, again began to disturb the discharge of blood from the rectum;
  • when associated with symptoms such as fever, weight loss, weakness, abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea;
  • in the case of the appearance of blood after radiation therapy after a short time after the treatment of cancer;
  • people whose relatives had a history of cancer.

Bleeding from the rectum can occur wheninfectious diseases such as dysentery, salmonellosis, amoebiasis, with ulcerative colitis, when the temperature rises and pains in the abdominal region appear. Often when infected with worms, dark bloody clots in the feces are visible, with gonorrhea or trichomoniasis these signs appear soon after sexual anal infection.

In people older than 70 years as a result of thrombosisvessels of the intestine and the fragility of the vascular wall against the background of angiodysplasia, blood stains on the underwear can be seen. Traces of blood determine and with HIV infection. But the most common cause is, of course, hemorrhoids.

Often, if there is hemorrhoids, bleedingoccurs when straining after passing a hard stool, after physical exertion. While observing the rules of personal hygiene and labor protection, it is possible to avoid complications, but timely access to medical care is necessary.

In young children the causes of bleeding may bebecome intestinal infection, lactase insufficiency, curvature of the intestine, anus fracture against a background of chronic constipation. If the baby refuses food, cries a lot, he has a fever and a bloody diarrhea, then you need to urgently go to the "ambulance" or to the pediatrician. It is necessary to conduct a full examination of the child and establish the cause of the disease.

Adults with this insidious symptomalways should consult a therapist who, if necessary, will send for examination to a specialist. For differential diagnosis, it is necessary to perform a sigmoidoscopy, an irrigoscopy, a colonoscopy, in addition to a finger examination, and general analyzes.

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