Balmont Fantasy. silver Age

Balmont "Fantasy". silver Age

Russian poet-symbolist Konstantin DmitrievichBalmont wrote the poem "Fantasy" in 1893. In this immortal lyrical work, he described his own impressions of a wonderful nature and a sleeping forest.

The poet not only admires the outline of trees ina fabulous moonlight. He gives them life force, comparing with the living statues, full of secret dreams. His forest trembles and is quietly dozing, hears the wind's murmur and whispers, hearing the moaning of a snowstorm.

Balmont Fantasia

Balmont sees in nature, unearthly to the human mind, unearthly. Fantasy, played out in the poet's admired imagination, paints an image of a winter forest that lives its own, life beyond anyone's control.

Natural element, wind, blizzard in the poemare endowed with mysterious forces capable of drawing extraordinary pictures in the imagination. Pine trees and spruce trees are pleasant to rest, "not remembering anything, cursing nothing". This is very happy Balmont. The fantasy of his soul is permeated with a sense of satisfaction and harmony.

Slender branches, listening to the sounds of midnight, indifferentlyand are quietly in the charms of their light dreams. Invisible to the human eye, the forces of the night - spirits, throwing sparks of the eyes, rush through the forest. They fill the space with their sighs, their singing.

an analysis of Balmont's poem Fantasy

These magical images are used in his work Balmont. Fantasy poet, rushing beyond the limits of human understanding, inhabits nature with beings. They pray, they experience sadness and ecstasy.

Images of spirits, filled with life, mshitsya trees, mnyatsya to the author. Using such expressive means of language in his verse, Balmont made them artistically lyrical and romantic.

Here you can see all the shades of the soul and the glancea man who observes the greatness of nature. The reader is immediately tuned to the desired perception. Together with the author he immerses himself in the atmosphere of fantastic life. The ease and musicality of rhyme is used in his brilliant work by Balmont. "Fantasy" is a work in which the great master of the word shares his perception of the surrounding world, skillfully depicting his beauty and spirituality.

balmont fantasy analysis

An analysis of Balmont's poem "Fantasy" shows the eternal question of being: "What is beyond the bounds?". Not once or twice will many writers and poets of our time address this issue.

"At a deep midnight hour, spirits race through the forest." The poet asks a question about what torments and disturbs them? And he himself answers it. Thirst for faith, thirst for God. Asking rhetorical questions, he wanted to emphasize the mystery of our world, the anxiety before the unknowableness of existence.

The poets of the Silver Age left a deep mark inart. A whole army of talented people left behind a permanent work, including Balmont "Fantasy." An analysis of the chronological events of that era shows that the destiny and creativity of those who wrote poetry in those distant days are often very close in spirit to our contemporaries.

After all, true poetry is eternal. She calls for spiritual development. A pleiad of talented authors, vivid representatives of this period, beloved and revered in our day, is proof of this.

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