Automatic browser cache cleansing

Automatic browser cache cleansing

This article will describe the means,which allows you to delete the cache of browsers in automatic mode. Many users do not know how or do not want to erase the accumulated files, although this can lead to some problems. Especially for the most inexperienced people a brief excursion will be presented on the basic information. So, next you will learn how to clean the cache.

cache cleaning

Basic information

A cache (or cache) is a temporary store of browsers. There are files that were used earlier to display the site content. These can be video recordings, audio tracks, images, etc. After the files are cached, the browser can access them when the page is reloaded. This increases the speed of the site display. Undoubtedly, this storage can help users. But in some situations, the cache can also hurt. For example, when the memory allocated to the repository begins to overflow, it becomes difficult for the browser to orient in a huge number of files, most of which are unlikely to ever be needed. Because of this, the speed of loading pages decreases and the program's performance generally worsens. Time spent cleaning the computer cache will not test the system for strength, not bringing the state of the storage to a critical level. But in order not to check its position every time, you can use automatic deletion. Two methods for performing this operation will be provided below.

The first method

In this case, the cache is cleared undercontrol the built-in tools of the browser itself. You do not need to install third-party programs and understand their settings. The advantages of this method include safety and simplicity. But there are also disadvantages, namely the minimal functional. To configure automatic cache cleaning, you need to open the browser settings, find the privacy settings (or content, it all depends on the application itself), and assign a mark that will be deleted when it reaches the cache. Some programs have separate functions for setting timestamps.

automatic cache cleaning

2nd method

But sometimes it happens that automatic cache cleaningis missing in some browsers. In such situations, you can use additional software. Fortunately for this purpose, there are many different programs. What to use the utility on your computer, it's up to you. But from myself I can recommend the program CCleaner. This utility is completely free. There is a Russian language. The main advantages of using third-party programs can be attributed to the fact that you can erase the cache in several different programs at once. This is especially useful when one computer uses not one, but 2-3 browsers. Caching with CCleaner can be done without your support. The main thing is that the utility itself is always enabled.

clearing your computer's cache


Summarize. Timely remote cache will save you from unnecessary problems. Plus to this, if you often use the Internet, then the memory of the computer will be freed. Automatic cache cleaning will help you forget about the hassle that is associated with the temporary storage. And you can continue to safely use the Internet.

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