Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon

Autocentre "Polustrovo": reviews about the salon

Almost any resident of large citiesthinks about buying a car. This action must be taken seriously, because it is necessary to do so much. It is necessary to decide on the place of purchase of the car, to find out reviews about the chosen auto show. This article will consider the auto center "Polustrovo", reviews and detailed information about center polystrovo reviews

About company

The main service offered by the "Polustrovo" auto show is the sale of new and used cars. However, in addition to this, the company also offers the following services:

  • Urgent redemption of used cars.
  • Exchange of cars on the program Trade-In with the granting of a discount for the subsequent purchase.
  • Estimate the cost of the car and check its technical condition.
  • Registration of insurance under the program of Casco or MTPL.
  • Buying a car on credit on the most favorable terms.

In the showroom always available in stockcars of different classes and price categories. Therefore, any client will be able to choose a model that suits his preferences. Also the company offers to buy cars with mileage, the choice of which is also huge, and of excellent quality, judging by the reviews about the car center "Polustrovo". All cars undergo a technical condition and document check, so the risk of acquiring a defective car or with a criminal past is center polystrovo reviews spb

Making a loan

The cost of new cars for many residentsRussia is high, so the necessary amount has to save a long period. However, there are situations when the car is needed in the near future. Then the only way out will be an acquisition on credit. Such a decision will not hit hard on the budget, only timely payments will be required every month. In reviews about the auto center "Polustrovo" is often mentioned this service salon.

If you need a car very urgently, but money practicallyno, then you can apply for a loan without a down payment. Then the payment will begin from the 2nd month of ownership of the car. This is very convenient, since the budget will not suffer.

You can also make a loan with the originalcontribution, if in terms of finance everything is more or less good. You can buy cars on credit at the most favorable terms for the client, so it is better to familiarize yourself with all programs in advance and carefully study all the reviews about the auto center "Polustrovo". car center polestrovo customer reviews

Advantages and disadvantages of credit

The loan must be issued onlyafter deliberation. If this is not necessary, then it is better to wait until the necessary amount has accumulated. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a car on credit.


  • Saves time. There is no need to save money for a long time.
  • Financial issue. Payments on the loan will not hit hard on the budget.
  • The client can choose a bank that will issue a loan on the most favorable terms.
  • Most often, the bank approves customer requests.
  • There is no need to present a large number of documents.

However, buying a car on credit has disadvantages:

  • Because of the fact that there is an interest rate, ultimately the cost of the car is significantly increased.
  • A fairly long period will be necessary every month to pay a certain amount until the loan is repaid.
  • In some cases, the purchase of a car on credit can be denied. Most often this is due to the client's bad credit history.

Terms and Conditions for Car Loans

Partners of the auto show "Polustrovo" are more20 banks of Russia. Due to this, the client can choose the most favorable loan program for him. Also, in the lending department, employees can help with this choice. When questions arise, they can advise the center polystrovo saint petersburg reviews

In reviews about the auto center "Polustrovo" (St. Petersburg) they write,that it is quite convenient to make out a loan there, they also say that this does not require a huge number of documents, but only 2: passports of a citizen of the Russian Federation and a driver's license.

Acquisition of cars with mileage

Some people lack the means topurchase a new car. Then they consider cars with mileage. Looking through the ads from the owners, you can stumble on scammers. In this case, you can remain deceived. Scammers can sell cars that were repaired after a serious accident or even stolen. To reduce this risk, the auto show "Polustrovo" offers to purchase vehicles with mileage, which undergo a thorough check of technical condition and documents. In this case, you can be sure that the machine will be without faults and legally clean. Most often their cost is slightly below the market price, but in some cases, buyers' reviews about the auto center "Polustrovo" report that it is still higher. However, such overpayment is justified, since it occurs because of the absence of risk.

Trade-In Program

Many motorists prefer tobuying a new car to sell the old one. Most often, they post ads on the sale in various sources. This method takes a lot of time to wait, calls and meetings with potential buyers. Also in this case, there is a risk of stumbling upon scammers. Then you can stay without a car and money. It is much more convenient to pass your old car on the Trade-In program at the car dealership and exchange it for a new one. In this case, the risk of getting into unpleasant situations is center polystrovo 59a reviews

With the Trade-In exchange program, you can also purchase a car with mileage. In this case, the legal cleanliness of the car and its good technical condition are guaranteed for a relatively small amount.

How Trade-In Exchange Works

Anyone can evaluate your car.To do this, you need to contact the managers of the company and pre-register for this procedure. The employee will agree on the date and time convenient for the client, in which he will be required to drive up. Further, experts will check the technical condition of the car and call its cost. You can refuse this. If the proposed price is satisfied, then DCC is issued and the car is removed from the account, and the customer can choose a new model to be purchased.

Reviews about car center "Polustrovo"

About the showroom you can hear different reviews.So, individual customers indicate that it is not worthwhile to buy a car with mileage in the showroom, as some of them have various hidden defects and shortcomings. However, if this is necessary, then you need to choose more carefully.

Customers often leave and positive feedback aboutcar center "Polustrovo" (59a - house number on the Polyustrovsky prospect, on which it is located). So, indicate that the auto show offers the best conditions for lending. Also, some argue that the Trade-In exchange program is very convenient in the company, because it saves time considerably.

auto show auto center polystrovo reviews


Motor show "Polustrovo" in St. Petersburg, you canconsider as a place to purchase a car. However, you need to choose the car with mileage as carefully as possible, so that the car does not fail. It is necessary to study all the reviews about the auto center "Polustrovo" in St. Petersburg.

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  • Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon Autocentre Polustrovo: reviews about the salon