Ask the dream book: walk in a dream in the cemetery what does it mean

Ask the dream book: walk in a dream in the cemetery what does it mean?

Every night, people leave the ordinary reality inThe unknown kingdom of Morpheus. Dreams are sometimes so impressive that some, even waking up, can not throw their dreams out of their heads. By nature, people are very curious and are eager to find some logical explanation. This prompts us to turn to the dream book after an incredible nightly adventure, to understand what all the same we wanted to convey the subconscious.

Often gloomy places to see in a dream, walk ona cemetery, in places of mass graves, to see the tombs of people - it's all associated with something disturbing, sad. In reality it is, but do not immediately worry or fall into depression. After all, each dream book basically treats such a story in its own way. Most often, what you see promises you some changes. So before you draw conclusions, just try to remember your dream in detail, and then the dream book will help you interpret it correctly.

So what does it mean to walk in a dream in a cemetery? Interpretation of such dreams you can find in our article.

to go to sleep in a cemetery

The dream book of the psychologist Miller

Sonnick Gustav Miller - this is the most complete dream book,which exists today. It was he who collected and systematized all available knowledge of astrologers and interpreters of dreams, thus obtaining a dream book, where there are interpretations of several thousand dreams. Despite the fact that his work was published in pre-revolutionary times, Miller's dream book is still relevant to people to this day.

What does it mean to walk in a cemetery in a dream? This collection of interpretations draws much attention to details, so these dreams can have different interpretations.

1. Season in a dream:

Winter. If the action of your sleep occurs in the winter, namely you walk through the cemetery in the cold season, then such a dream foreshadows a possible separation from your close ones and friends. Also, you will lead a desperate and long struggle with poverty.

Spring. In the case when there are signs of spring in your dream, it means that you do not need to worry. This dream presages you to be in a pleasant and comfortable environment, as well as a good pastime in the company of friends.

2. The appearance of the cemetery:

Well-groomed cemetery. If you see yourself in a beautiful and well-kept cemetery, then the dream promises you a person unexpected recovery, which you have long believed the patient.

Unsuested cemetery. Such a dream presages deep loneliness for you. You will be abandoned by everyone you love, and other people will look after you.

3. Age of the dreamer:

Young. For young people, walking through the cemetery paths means strong, gentle and reliable relationships with friends, but you have to overcome difficulties alone, because your loved ones will simply not be able to help you.

Elderly. If the dream is dreaming to people of age, then it is death.

4. Dreamer's state:

Lovers. If lovers see themselves in a dream walking the avenues of the cemetery, then such a dream says that they will not bind their destiny with each other in the future.

Bride. If the bride sees that her wedding crosses the territory of the cemetery, then in that case she will lose her husband as a result of an accident.

Mother. If the mother has dreamed that she brings beautiful and fresh flowers to the cemetery, then a dream promises a strong and long health to the entire family of the dreamer.

Widow. For a young widow to see a dream, where she is in a cemetery, means to replace a mourning suit for a wedding dress and veil. If in a dream she sees herself sad, then this heralds new worries and adversity.

5. Other:

If your dream shows you a story, where amonggravestones and cemetery slabs are played by little children, picking flowers and catching butterflies, then in that case you should not worry because of what. You have a long way to go on your life's journey, and your friends and relatives will not leave you. As for your health, it will allow you to enjoy life for a long time.

walk about in a cemetery

Dream Interpretation of Freud

This dream book is not quite ordinary. Its author, the famous scientist Sigmund Freud, is known for studying the psychology of love and relationship between a man and a woman, hence all his works were also considered from this angle. This dream book will help you better understand and understand your desires and secret fantasies. Freud believed that sleep - it's not some kind of nonsense, but our repressed desire, which in dreams changes to symbols. This dream book will help you to properly disassemble and understand them.

For a man to see himself in a dream at a cemetery means the fact that he is not ready for a serious relationship. In reality he is inclined to frequent changes of his partners.

Such a dream for a woman is a sign that in real life she does not have enough love. In sexual life, she does not feel satisfied, carnal pleasures do not give her any joy.

in a dream walk in the cemetery among the graves

Wangi's Dream

Vanga - the world-famous Bulgarianclairvoyant. Perhaps, at first you will not understand the interpretation it offers. But as soon as you learn to understand and correctly understand them, you can see the whole picture of the future coming to you. It must be remembered that prophecies and warnings are hidden in all dreams.

1. Action in a dream:

Sleep, where you dig a grave, warns you against the danger that can threaten you in real life, so be more careful.

2. Other:

What else can tell this dream book? Walking through the cemetery in a dream - in real life a dreamer will be entrusted with a mission, from which the lives of many people will subsequently depend.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

Eugene Tsvetkov believed that dreams are not onlycan be interpreted, they can also be managed, and as soon as a person learns to do this, he can become the master of his own destiny. This dream book is based on Slavic associativity, so that it is more suitable for all Slavic peoples.

1. Action in a dream:

What does it mean to walk around the cemetery in a dream, according to thisa well-known dream book? Walking between gravestones and at the same time reading what is written on them, heralds you many friends. This can be as a meeting with a company of old comrades, and new pleasant, friendly acquaintances.

2. The appearance of the cemetery:

To wander and see the neglected, neglected cemetery - promises a dreamer alienation. For a while you will feel the emotional distance from all your relatives and acquaintances.

3. Other:

If you had to walk barefoot into the cemetery in a dream, this heralds you a long life.

to go to the cemetery in a dream to seek a grave

Noble Dream Book N. Grishina

To properly use this dream book, it is necessaryobserve a number of rules. It is important to remember the day, the date and the month when you saw this dream, because there are days when your dreams do not carry any hidden connotations or messages. He can also help you in your professional activities, because often we are faced with a choice, and dreams, if properly interpreted, like nothing else, will help us make it.

1. Action in a dream:

In your dream on the territory of the cemetery, you communicate with someone - in reality, foreshadows a meeting with a person who will have a decisive influence directly on your fate.


Did you have to walk in a dream in the cemetery? Why dream such a strange dream? Presence in your dreams of the very place of rest can warn you about the danger to the life of a person close to you. But also it can symbolize your thirst for peace, the desire for peace.

Dream Interview by Denise Lynn

This dream book is completely different from the others, since Ms. Lynn herself is a representative of the Cherokee tribe, all the meanings of dreams and their symbolism are based on Indian traditions.

1. Psychological significance:

A dream with cemetery themes points to yourfear of death, afterlife. He also speaks about the manifestation of vivid memories of the dead people. This may be due either to the emotional connection between you and the deceased, or you have some unresolved issues with a person who has already left this world.

2. Symbolic meaning:

We leaf through this dream book. Walking in a dream in the cemetery - what's this for? Places of rest, which you dream, regardless of the details of dreams, mean fatigue, the desire for recreation.

walk in a dream by the cemetery which means

The Russian Dream Book

This dream book is not cardinally similar to itspredecessors. Since he is newer, he treats dreams freely, without talking about anything that was previously banned, and also nothing embellishes him. The dream interpretation is quite remote from all previous currents that have long dominated the esoteric world.

So, you had to walk in a dream in the cemetery. What does the dream of a Russian dream book mean? To see in a dream a place of repose and walk on it - foreshadows a loss in a business where you had all the chances of winning.

Roma Dream Book

The peculiarity, as well as the uniqueness of this dream bookis that not only individual symbols are interpreted in it, but the whole picture as it will help to better understand the dreamer the meaning of his dream. It is worth noting the fact that in this dream book there is an explanation not only of gypsy symbols, but also of a more modern one.

Well-groomed, beautiful, with flowers on graves, the cemetery portends to you many good, and most importantly, loyal friends.

Ancient French dream book

Such a dream book in its original form is usedquite rare. However, it should not be underestimated, because they were guided by the above-mentioned Gustavo Miller. It should be noted that the dream book was written back in the time of the Holy Inquisition, when the church had a huge impact on all aspects of human life. He was no exception, since he completely relies on Christian symbols.

The cemetery seen in a dream is a sign of prosperity and prosperity, which will soon visit you in real life.

If you see a pile of bones in a cemetery, then such a dream is very unfavorable. Try to be extremely careful.

If on a plot of a dream or on any otherfor example, you understand that the cemetery is rural, then in this case be prepared for the fact that in real life you will visit some purely childish experience.

dream book to sleep in a cemetery

Esoteric dream book

Esoteric Dream Book will help you not onlyto understand the meaning of your night dreams, but also to understand how to work with the available information. This dream book can help you show your subconscious secrets, find the potential that is hidden in you. The author of this dream book is Elena Anapova.

1.Action in a dream:

Walking through the cemetery in a dream, looking for a grave -means that the dreamer will be flooded with old memories, it is likely that this will outgrow depression. Those who are going to soon leave somewhere, waiting for nostalgia.

2. Other:

In the case when you just see in your dream a cemetery and nothing more, it foretells you unnecessary troubles and empty worries.

Ancient Persian Dream Book of Taflisi

This dream book was written by an ancient astrologerTaflisi. From the very beginning, it was available only to a special circle of people, namely, only for the royal dynasties. Two kinds of explanations of dreams were formed: Western and Eastern. A prominent representative of the Western interpreters is the famous Miller, and the inhabitants of the Far and Middle East rely mainly on the interpretation of dreams precisely from this dream book.

In a dream walk in the cemetery among the graves - means that very soon you will greatly repent and regret your actions that you have done before.

If you saw yourself in a tomb, then such a dream tells that you are in reality doing certain actions, from which other people will take an example.

The Dream Dream Book

It was created in those years whenancient Greek scientists, astrologers, philosophers tried to give a logical designation of plots or symbols from our dreams. From the very beginning, objects in dreams were tried to describe, giving them symbolic meanings. Aristotle first considered and described the dream from a psychological point of view.

1. Action:

If in your night dreams you keep going through the cemetery or just walking along it, then this is a sign that you are on the road to happiness, which you will undoubtedly encounter in the near future.

2. Other:

Even if you just dreamed the very territory of the cemetery, despite its gloominess - it symbolizes happiness.

to go to sleep in a cemetery

Small Weses dream book

This dream book takes its base withOld Slavic knowledge and beliefs. Slavs attached great importance to the realm of dreams, they believed that God himself Veles sends dreams to people. This collection is so extensive that every person who decides to ask for help can find answers to their questions.

1. The appearance of the cemetery:

If in your dream the cemetery had a neglected and dull appearance, then be prepared for the fact that soon you will overtake sorrow.

2. Other:

If you dreamed of a cemetery, it symbolizes your longevity. Also, such a dream is interpreted as an impending loss in business.

3. Action:

Walking through the cemetery in a dream, looking for a grave -signifies the sadness and death of the dreamer.

Psychoanalytic dream book

This dream book is quite new, but it relies entirely on a scientific approach to explaining dreams to people. The basis for its creation was laid by the works of psychology scientists about the human vision.

The very presence of the cemetery in your dream andthe subsequent actions on it speak of the dreamer's thinking about the deceased, who has long been no longer living in the world, but with whom strong memories are associated. It is also considered a symbol of the difficult situation and hopelessness in the real world of the person who dreamed of this dream. In reality you will encounter depression or despondency.

Ukrainian dream book

The basis for writing this treatise was laidtraditions and beliefs of the Ukrainian people. It was published in 1991 in Kiev. His popularity among the population he acquired quite quickly and retains it until now.

1. Action:

In a dream walk in the cemetery among the graves - it promises you a fast well-being in reality. If, on the basis of the plot of the dream, you realized that you intentionally walked there, it means death.

2. Other:

If a girl tries to go through the cemetery, in fact, a young man will be wooing her, but soon she will leave anyway, so be more attentive.

Sonnik Fedorovskaya

When writing this dream book, Maria Semenovaset herself the goal of describing dreams as clearly as possible and accessible to the reader, since most of the dream books are quite confused in explaining dreams, and readers can not only disassemble the meaning of their dream, but also misunderstand it.

If in a dream it is a question of your walk through the cemetery, it is a sign that you will be sad enough in reality, and no one can help you in this, except for yourself.

Interpretation of various types of cemeteries

It is worth noting that different types of cemeteries also carry a different interpretation:

  1. The children's cemetery symbolizes the improvement of the relationship between you and relatives. If in a dream this place disheartens you, then in real life it is recommended to give more attention to children.
  2. Underwater cemetery hints to the dreamer that it is worth to do repairs in the dwelling. If this is not done, then shortly there may be problems with water supply.
  3. An ancient cemetery symbolizes advancement on a career ladder.

When working with dream books, it is important to remember that eachof them is unique in its own way and carries in itself the specifics of the interpretation of the time when it was published. Do not be upset if the dream that visited you at night is unfavorable. It must be remembered that dreams do not show us an inevitable future. They only warn us so that we can draw the right conclusions and avoid unpleasant situations.

Also, dreams are a visualization of our emotions,desires at a psychophysical level. So you need to monitor them to help yourself emotionally, since your dream is your personal psychologist, and correctly understanding what he wanted you to convey, you can deal with the pressing issues that disturb you in real life.

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