Aquarium fish catfish, their types and contents

Aquarium fish catfish, their types and contents

To keep and raise catfishA small aquarium with shelters in which they like to hide. An obligatory condition for keeping the catfish is a frequent substitution of water and a high content of oxygen in it. They feed mainly on live food, but they can also eat the remains of plants, dry food and silt these aquarium fish. Homeland of the catfish: Southeast Asia and South America.

One of the most popular groups of aquariumsCatfish are Koris. The most common representative of this group is the Spotted Somik, which happens to be of natural and albino form. Homeland of these catfishes is South America. Their body is relatively short, shiny, olive-colored. The abdomen is dark yellow. On the body are large, dark spots. These catfish are undemanding to feed and containment conditions. They normally tolerate water temperature changes from 13 to 30 ° C. Due to the ability to assimilate the oxygen of the air, they can live in an aquarium with a low oxygen content in the water. Now other types of corridors appear in the aquariums, such as the golden catfish, whose body length is 7 cm. This type requires a water temperature of 24-26 ° C.

Aquarium fish catfish family Bronyakovyeare represented by Agamixis stellate or white-spotted and Platidoras. Homeland of these beautiful catfish is the Amazon. They grow up to 20 cm in length and have a powerful body with a large head. Agamixis has 3 pairs of antennae, and in Platidorses - 4 on the lower lip and 2 on the upper. These catfish prefer water at 25-27 ° C. They are in the afternoon in shelters and only in the evening they begin to search for food. Can reach 15 years of age.

A separate subspecies in the Kallichthyd family areHoplostnums represented by the popular Tarakatum aquarium (common and albino form). The native land of this species is South America. These catfishes can grow up to 20 cm. Catfish tolerate water of any rigidity. Water temperature: 20-24 ° С. They feed on live and dry food.

Very interesting catfish family BahromchatousyhSinodontis-a flip-flop, whose homeland is Africa. This fish almost constantly swims to the top of the belly. Has large bulging eyes and 3 pairs of antennae. Grows up to 10 cm. Lives up to 10 years. Water temperature: 24-26 ° С. Sinodontis eats vegetative, live and combined fodder.

Aquarium fish are very popular with aquaristscatfish suckers, belonging to the family of Lorikarievs, who are excellent cleaners. They have a mouth of a special form resembling a sucker. With its help, they perfectly clean any surface: glass, stones, soil, plants, decor. Such aquarium fish catfish can grow up to 20 cm. These include:

- brocade pterygoplicht, effectively destroying fouling on rocks, soil, driftwood;

- Simple ancistrus and its color forms, which are the most common catfish-sweepers of this family;

- Stoneros with an unusual elegant form.

All of the above catfish are peaceful fishes, so they can be kept with other fish species.

There are many other kinds of catfish, which are secretive and aggressive night predators. Such aquarium fish catfish need separate aquariums. These include:

- Whale catfishes;

- Red-tailed catfish;

- Sirloin gnats;

- Ducted catfish.

In my 200 L aquarium with other fishthey coexist with Platidoras, Agamixis, Spiny Catfish, Cockroaches, Antsitrus. The most interesting thing is that everything is kept in pairs and each pair has its own favorite concourses. And four Antsitrus, three of which are female, always keep a flock. For 2 years, that I have an aquarium, I never had to clean glass and stones, because they are carefully cleaned by catfish-suckers.

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  • Aquarium fish catfish, their types and contents Aquarium fish catfish, their types and contents Aquarium fish catfish, their types and contents Aquarium fish catfish, their types and contents Aquarium fish catfish, their types and contents