Aperitifs - what is this What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif

Aperitifs - what is this? What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif?

aperitifs what is itSurely everyone has heard at least once the word"Aperitifs". What it is? Not everyone knows this. Aperitif - a weak alcoholic drink, which is served before a meal in order to quench your thirst and tune in for the upcoming feast. Never snap an appetizer, such as slices of lemon, olives, almonds and other types of nuts. It should be noted that, in addition to wine and vodka products, there are other aperitifs: nectars and drinks that do not contain alcohol.

As the last you can serve soda,carbonated, mineral or ordinary cold water. The most preferred nectars for an aperitif are lemon, grapefruit, tomato, grape (not too sweet). Also suitable for orange, pomegranate, birch. Vermouth won great popularity. It is a very common aperitif. To many he already had time to fall in love. It must be understood that the aperitif is not served after meals.

Three groups

There are three categories of drinks served before meals: mixed, combined, and single. The names speak for themselves.

The latter include aperitifs, consisting only of one thing. For example, only champagne, vermouth or something stronger.

aperitif after a mealAs for the combined aperitif, herepresents several types of drinks that bring simultaneously, for example, wine, nectars and mineral water. Of course, all this is served in different dishes. Vodka, cognac and wine - in glasses, water - in glasses, nectars - in piles, champagne - in wine glasses. All this costs on one tray, and each person can take what he likes best. Wine is an aperitif, well suited for banquets. At such events, there must be alcoholic beverages.

What is mixed aperitifs, probably,there is no sense to explain. From the name everything is clear. They are a mixture of all kinds of drinks. Often it's quite tasty. To mixed aperitifs, first of all are unsweetened or wine cocktails.

The best aperitifs

Before the start of the meal, when the guests are just beginning to approach the table, it is customary to serve aperitifs. They stand on small trays covered with napkins.

as an aperitifWhat should be served as an aperitif? Before dinner, you can offer a little vodka, cognac, hot tinctures, whiskey, and also gin. Strong expensive wines are suitable for dinner. Bitter tinctures are also welcome. Experts say that the ideal aperitif is vermouth, served with ice, diluted with mineral water or fruit juice.

A huge selection of drinks

In general, before meals, you can serve any unsweetenedbeverages. They can be offered both separately and in a mixed form. To date, there are no too harsh rules regarding aperitifs. As such a drink can be served and champagne, and cognac, and armagnac, and liquor, and brandy, and wine. Agree, the choice is big enough. Drinks can be both saturated and strong, and low-alcohol, diluted juice or water. In general, there are many options. Aperitif is a drink that is often served in restaurants before meals. It is necessary to realize this by going to a prestigious institution.

More about aperitifs

In the cold season, aperitifs can bethe following: chocolate hot vodka called "mocha" in small cups (maximum 50 g.), punch, mulled wine, grog in miniature cups of glass (from 50 to 100 g.). Well, if the latter will be served with cup holders made of wood. Also suitable are ceramic cups.

wine aperitifIf you want to produce really goodimpression on the guests, it is worth offering them sherry or vermouth as aperitifs. What it is, probably everyone knows. As for the first, it is also brought up when it is added to the soup, which acts as the main dish. It is worth remembering this important point. Sherry is perfectly combined with soup, which is added to black beans. At first this warm drink, as a rule, is filled with a decanter. And then it is poured into small glasses in the form of the letter V. By the way, sherry can stand in the decanter for a long time. Other drinks can be served in different ways - either in small beautiful cups with ice, or in a cold form, or in special aperitif dishes. It is necessary to comply with these rules so that guests are satisfied. It should be understood how important the aperitifs are. What it is, you already know.

Tableware for aperitifs

aperitif drink

As for the trays, they should besmall. For strong alcoholic aperitifs, a maximum of 35-50 grams is suitable. If we talk about cognac, then it should be brought in large glasses of 25-30 g of pear-shaped form. Flavored, as well as dessert wines are poured into 75 glasses of sugar beets. Moreover, the drink should not fill them to the brim. For table wines are suitable lafitnye, as well as rynvevye glasses. As for mixed drinks, they are served in tumblers, in other words, in glasses for cocktails.

Snacks for aperitifs

If the guests are going slowly, and somedelay, it is necessary to present snacks together with drinks. But it is allowed to serve only what can not be satiated, for example, salted almonds, fruit, fried nuts, in some cases small canap├ęs (miniature sandwiches). You can suggest something more simple. For example, salted sticks. Some people think that the most important thing in a meal is the aperitifs. What is it, knows any educated person. Therefore, we should try not to disappoint the guests and hold a feast at the highest level so that all have only good impressions.

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  • Aperitifs - what is this What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif Aperitifs - what is this What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif Aperitifs - what is this What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif Aperitifs - what is this What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif Aperitifs - what is this What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif Aperitifs - what is this What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif Aperitifs - what is this What kind of drinks can be served as an aperitif