An abscess on the gums in a child: what to do and how to help, photo

An abscess on the gums in a child: what to do and how to help, photo

Jul 11, 2018

The formation of an abscess on the baby's gums signals a serious inflammation or injury.Do not ignore the appearance of the tumor, and if it is found, you should seek help from a dentist and only then carry out treatment at home, following the recommendations of specialists.Otherwise, unpleasant consequences can not be avoided and even possible surgical intervention with subsequent removal of the teeth.

Causes and main symptoms

An abscess on the gums in a child is the result of focal inflammation of the gum tissue and the root of the tooth.It is presented in the form of a round education of different sizes.An abscess with pus can be accompanied by periodic pain.

The main reasons for its appearance is the constant presence of microbes in the oral cavity, capable of activating under favorable conditions, preventing normal functioning of the body's protective functions.

The inflammatory process often occurs with the appearance of an interdental and gingival pocket in which harmful bacteria accumulate.Incorrect care, its absence in the oral cavity create an excellent environment for the development of infections, and the value in purulent education has a reduced immunity in the child.The abscess can arise because of such formation, as a cyst on a gum or gingiva at the child, a photo which is presented more low.

Abscess on the gums of the child

Gum cyst

Not every parent can distinguish it independently from conventional education with pus contents.Therefore, you should consult a doctor to confirm the diagnosis.With carious lesions of the teeth, purulent formation can be caused by periodontitis.Various injuries in the mouth area with soft tissue damage can contribute to the development of a process in which a purulent sac on the gums is formed in the child.One should listen to complaints and pay attention to the oral cavity, since the tumor can be formed gradually with harmless swelling.If you notice that the center was formed by a white point in the swollen area of ​​the gum, it means that the abscesswas formed.Children often take various objects into their mouths to test the strength of their appeared teeth, or only those that are incised, so you should carefully monitor the various occurrences of the wound.Various formations can be accompanied by sharp, aching pains, the temperature rises.Although the abscess can burst on its own, do not start the disease.In the future, a fistula is formed on the gum and how to get rid of it, a specialist should consult.In most cases, the focus of infection is not removed, which means that any irritation will contribute to the appearance of pus on the gum.To provoking factors include thermal, chemical burns, a mechanical injury by a seal in the tooth, or a cracked tooth, a brace. Page 3 3

Symptoms of abscess formation are:

  • swelling, reddening of the gums;
  • formed a painful protrusion in the form of cones;
  • Specific pains, aching, pulsating, or acute pain in the entire gum area;
  • chills, weakness, fever;
  • refusal to eat, sleep disturbance, capriciousness, anxiety;
  • formation of a white abscess;
  • bad breath in the mouth;
  • violation of chewing, swallowing, speech due to severe pain;
  • changing the size of the abscess can affect the change in the shape of the face;
  • in case of worsening of the child's condition, it is necessary to call an ambulance.
Cyst on the gums in a child photo

If there is an abscess on the gum, it is important to consult specialists in a timely manner.

The pains may subside during the day, and at night disturb the child during the development of the abscess.If the abscess on the gum is not timely eliminated in a child whose photo represents an active development process, pain and swelling pass into the cheek area with subsequent infection.Therefore it is very important to contact specialists in a timely manner.


If the child has a abscess on the gum and what you do not know, do not self-medicate.To conduct diagnostics and appoint competent treatment can only a specialist in the clinic, where you should go as soon as possible.An experienced doctor will examine a small patient and establish an accurate diagnosis.You should know that a small abscess can signal serious problems in the body.

The effectiveness of treatment will only be combined with the appointment of antibacterial therapy, the opening of purulent education, physiotherapy procedures and the use of folk remedies for rinsing, oral care.

Removal of an abscess represents surgical manipulation, which the doctor should conduct in the clinic with special, sterile instruments.

Before going to the hospital, you can only take measures to ease the pain, such as:

  • cooling the patient's gums, which reduces edema and reduces pain;
  • to conduct mouth rinsing with antiseptic preparations, like a weak solution with manganese, furacilin, herbal decoction of medicinal plants;
  • eat moderate food on temperature, mechanical indications;
  • drink a lot of fluids that will reduce intoxication;
  • if there is severe pain, then you can take painkillers( ketans, paracetamol).
    The baby on the gums has a gnawing what to do


In the presence of a cone of abscess on the gum, treatment for the child is also carried out in the complex.Often, the flux inside the gum arises at the root of the milk or molar tooth, or because there is no tooth before the appearance of a new tooth.If a periodontitis is found in the baby, the sick baby tooth must be removed, since a purulent formation will destroy later the rudiment of molars.Also, bacteria can pass into the submaxillary lymph nodes, causing their inflammation.Continuous secretion of purulent fluid from the fistula can trigger infection of tonsils, which leads to chronic angina, and the baby will suffer from permanent colds.In addition, harmful bacteria and microbes that are contained in pus have a high percentage of ingestion into the bloodstream.Their action increases the allergic load and leads to the risk of allergies, respiratory diseases, a number of somatic diseases.When there was pus in the child on the gum near the molar and diagnosed periodontitis, in this case, the treatment is carried out according to the scheme of adult patients.

To cure an abscess on the gums in the child alone with decoctions, applications, various methods using folk remedies at the initial stage without consulting a specialist will only aggravate the situation and can lead to great problems.

According to authoritative sources, in recent years, competent, experienced dentists in the treatment of small patients with flux formation, are trying to treat their baby teeth without removing them.Often in their medical practice, they treat with the help of such a method as silvering.Its principle is based on the use of a 30% solution of silver nitrate, which treats tooth painlessly with caries.After processing, a film of silvery color is formed on their surface.If the purulent focus is not eliminated and is present for a long time, this procedure should be avoided, since severe consequences can occur which lead tobronchitis, diabetes, tonsillitis, and a number of other diseases.You can use the silvering procedure at the initial stage of development of the abscess to facilitate chewing food, not to violate diction.


An abscess on the gums in a baby photo

To prevent oral diseases, you must visit the dental clinic at least twice a year

The rules for the oral care of a child at any age are always simple, but should be done regularly.First and foremost, it is important to teach the baby to brush his teeth in the morning after sleep and evening time to prepare for bed.Choose a brush better on the advice of a dentist.Do not forget to rinse your mouth after each meal.It should be controlled so that the child did not use sweets in large quantities, not holding lollipops for cheeks, less consuming solid foods like crackers, nuts.To visit a dental clinic, both an adult and a child should be at least two times a year.To support local and local immunity, to conduct various health procedures with the child, to create conditions for a healthy, active lifestyle of the baby.

What can be done if formed purulent lump on the gum baby

Purulent sack on the gums of the child

hide yourself an abscess on the gum is prohibited

formation of an abscess in the gum baby needs special attention and is not recommended to perform actions such as:

  • self-opening;
  • discontinue oral care.To clean a teeth to the kid it is necessary during illness, only accurately;
  • prohibited
  • warming hot compress place of inflammation;
  • rinse the mouth with a hot broth;
  • Do not use medicines that are not prescribed by the doctor;

should be regularly scheduled procedures After visiting the dentist that will significantly improve the condition of the child and lead to a faster recovery.

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  • An abscess on the gums in a child: what to do and how to help, photo An abscess on the gums in a child: what to do and how to help, photo An abscess on the gums in a child: what to do and how to help, photo An abscess on the gums in a child: what to do and how to help, photo An abscess on the gums in a child: what to do and how to help, photo An abscess on the gums in a child: what to do and how to help, photo