American classic cars: style and power

American classic cars: style and power

The world of cars is great and multifaceted. Since the creation of the first car many years have passed, but the collectors of the classics are not in a hurry to change their tastes and prefer elegant modern cars to any modern off-road cars and racing cars.

American classic cars

Retro cars - a real thing for pridecar owners. They are worthless money and require painstaking care, but all the efforts left for the maintenance of the old-fashioned car pay off, because if the polished "Lincoln" leaves the streets of a big city, then all glances will be riveted only to him.

American classic cars are not presenteda smaller variety, especially since it was in the States that the first cars appeared. And the world-famous businessman and inventor Henry Ford first put cars on conveyor, mass production.

What is an American classic car?

In expert circles, discussions are held unceasinglyon the topic of what really can be considered a classic in the world of automotive industry. In the United States of America, this issue is the most relevant: in the US there are dozens of associations of car lovers, rare book collectors and amateurs, as well as expert representatives of this field.

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Most states adhere to"Minimalist concept" of a classic car that says that a car that was released more than twenty years ago from today's (for conclusion) time is considered a classic, but that any junk can not be judged as suitable according to the definition parameters, because truly classic are considered cars, external and "internal" type of which corresponds to the factory one. To be categorized as "American Classics", the car undergoes a check, which establishes that all factory specifications are preserved, or at least it is sufficiently restored.

Does the price matter?

A common characteristic of what should bea real classic car, give a variety of agencies, common in the States. One of the most authoritative and large associations dealing with this issue is the Classic Car Club of America. It gives a fairly narrow set of characteristics that should have the proud title of "American Classic" cars. Reviews about the work of this organization are also ambiguous, like herself. The Classic Car Club of America offers the definition of a classic car by the following criteria.

American classic auto reviews

First, the classic car shouldto belong to the highest price level, that is, the classic car, according to the organization, is nothing more than an elite product. However, we know that the Fords, which were issued several centuries ago, were relatively affordable, and most experts today admit that a large number of machines of this brand are representatives of what we call "American classics".

Auto, secondly, by definition of CCCA, should beIssued under the neck of the limited edition in the interim period of the twentieth century, which is only 23 years. In addition to what has been said, there are a number of design details that an American classic car must match. A very small number of cars are suitable for such a narrow set of criteria, but an explicit copy on the CCCA scale is Delahaye 180.

Bright representatives

american classic auto photo

Several cars, albeit not recognizedindividual agencies, but recognized by the popular opinion, are recognizable in any country in the world. They transit in transit around the globe and become a fashionable vehicle or another toy in the collector's fleet of vehicles. American classic cars, photos of which can be seen below: Dodge Coronet of the fifties. Another "dinosaur" American classic - Ford Mustang 60's, as well as the legendary Chevrolet El Camino in 1977.

From Russia with love

American classic cars in Russia - not at all a rarity. While some look at the classic cars of their dreams on Internet blogs, others buy them!

American classic cars in Russia

Reviews of owners of such cars can beto hear different, but in most cases positive. Virtually no complaints about this unit, probably because they are all of excellent quality! Of course, they need to be repaired, lubricate, filters, oil, as well as any others.

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  • American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power American classic cars: style and power