Alchemy - what kind of game is this

"Alchemy" - what kind of game is this?

The last few years, technological progressOpened new opportunities for developers of computer games. Now such projects are coming out, which it was simply impossible to dream about earlier. Incredibly detailed and realistic graphics, great physics, a long, fascinating and twisted plot, an abundance of quests, characters, types of opponents and so on. All this you can experience from your own experience, if you have a powerful personal computer. However, not everyone has enough PC power to enjoy the latest innovations to the fullest. Moreover, there are users who can not afford to spend a few hours just playing. It is for such cases, and there are mobile games, such as "Alchemy." This is an excellent way out if your computer is not powerful enough or you do not have time for some large-scale project.

What kind of game is it?

alchemy is

If you like to play, but you can not dedicatethis is your free time, then you can try out the game "Alchemy" - it's quite an interesting project that does not require almost no resources from your smartphone. The game is so simple in terms of design that it will run on any phone. But what is it? The principle of this project is that you need to connect various elements among themselves in order to receive objects, objects and much more. Then you can merge them together to continue the chain. Your goal is to open absolutely all the elements, the number of which is usually indicated on the screen. There you can also find the number of elements that you have already opened - this allows you to monitor progress and to focus on how much you still have until the final success. The game "Alchemy" is a real find for those who like to play, because you can include it anywhere: in transport, at work, at home, on the street. If you are given a free minute, you can spend it on "Alchemy", and no one will ask you to sit continuously in the game for an hour or two.

Combining Elements


So, now you have a general idea ofWhat is "Alchemy". This knowledge, most likely, will push you to download the application and install it on your smartphone. But then the question arises as to what to do next. In fact, everything is quite simple - in the beginning you are given four basic elements. They are located on the playing field. Also you can go to the list of items to see which ones are already open. You just need to drag one item to another to see what happens. If they are incompatible, nothing will happen. If they are intended for each other, then you will receive a new element instead, which you can use in your further research. In the game "Alchemy" the passage consists of constant experiments on combining various elements.

Adding Items

alchemy tips

As you already understood, initially you are given fourelement, which in this case disappear, when you combine them to get a new one. How, then, to continue in the game "Alchemy" passage, if all your elements immediately disappeared? In fact, everything is quite simple. It has already been said above that you can check the list of items that you already have. But if in it you click on the item you are interested in and drag it to the field, then you can use it. Thus, each object in the game you can use an unlimited number of times, so there is no point in restraining yourself in experiments.

Tips in "Alchemy"

 how to make alchemy in the game

Another feature of the game "Alchemy" - tips. You should use them in case you run out of ideas about what else you can combine, and you will come to a dead end. The hints in this project show two elements that you can combine to get an object that you do not already have. Naturally, you have a limited number of tips, but their stock is restored when you get new items, so you just need to successfully play to always be able to ask for a hint. So you can learn how to make in the game "Alchemy" those items that you could not even guess.

What's next?

No matter how many elements in the game "Alchemist",they will still end one day. You finish the game - but what to do next? Is that all? Do not get discouraged before the time, because you are waiting for the good news. The fact is that "Alchemy" has gained incredible popularity, so mobile developers immediately began to create various similar games. So there were variants of the game, in which you need to act as God or the Devil. In the first case, you will need to perform tasks in parallel and create the world, and in the second - to destroy what was created by God. There is also a version of the game that received an impressive graphic component, but retained all the wonderful traditions of this masterpiece.

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