Alaska pollock in the multivariate

Alaska pollock in the multivariate

Pollock is a fish you can experiment within the kitchen as much as necessary. From its fillet always get delicious and fragrant dishes that do not leave anyone indifferent. Prepare a dish of pollock in a variety of ways, as evidenced by its popularity and the availability of a huge number of recipes with its use. Indeed, with this fish you can boil an ear, bake it and fry. In this article we will talk about how pollock is cooked in a multivark - electric saucepan, which is very popular among eaters not only delicious, but also useful. We present to your attention the recipe for cooking pollock as an addition to a simple side dish.

pollock in the multivariateProducts that will be needed in order to prepare pollock in the multivark:

- fillets of pollock;

- mayonnaise or sour cream;

- Hard cheese;

- salt and spices for fish;

- a tomato.

How is pollock prepared in a multivariate?

pollack dishThe answer is easy! First you need to prepare fresh fish. Take the fish and remove all the insides, then get rid of the head. To fish is not an enjoyable occupation. You can assign this task to your husband or you can buy already sliced ​​fillets. In most cases, freshly sliced ​​fillets of Alaska pollock are almost impossible to find, so, most likely, you will have to cut it. Although the process is not very popular, it should be given the most time to get a smooth and beautiful fillet. Separate it from the ridge should be very carefully. Try to remove as many bones as possible, so as not to meet with them during meals. Some cooks remove the remaining small bones with tweezers.

Next, the fillet should be cut into several pieces of medium size and sprinkled with flavorful seasoning. Add salt to taste and put the fish aside for a while.

to cook Alaska pollackWhile the fillet is waiting for its fate, think about the garnish. Especially good is pollock combined with boiled rice or mashed potatoes. Such side dishes can be prepared in the same multivark. Another option is stewed pollock with vegetables. Suppose you decide to cook rice. To do this, well, take the rice cake and rinse it under running water. To make the rice in the multivariate tasty, rinse it until the water becomes completely clear. When the rice is ready, place it in the multivark and fill it with water. Set the basket for steaming and lay out the already prepared fillets.

To give the dish raisins, cut the tomato andlay it on the fish. Top with pollock and tomato mayonnaise or sour cream, rub cheese. It's time to turn on the multivark. The mode depends on your model of the device: "Pilaf" or "Rice". You can replace the tomato with other vegetables. Very interesting taste will turn out, if you add a little of the Bulgarian pepper.

When pollock in the multivarquet is ready,a unique kitchen machine will give a characteristic signal, which will invite you and your family to the table. Do not be afraid to experiment with the multivar, and your relatives will appreciate your joint efforts. Look for new recipes and fantasies.

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