AirBeats - wireless headphones: description, manual, reviews

AirBeats - wireless headphones: description, manual, reviews

Wireless technology has long captured the segment of headphones and quite harmoniously in it have mastered. The Bluetooth-headset was highly appreciated by the users themselves, who note the convenience and comfort when operating such gadgets. Until recently, the high cost of high-quality models from Sony, Philips and Qumo limited the distribution of these products. However, Chinese manufacturers did not keep themselves waiting and one of the first models was offered by AirBeats. Wireless headphones of this brand externally hardly differ from the devices of the above brands, but at the same time they are cheaper. Similarities and overall ergonomics are also almost the only characteristics that unite inexpensive models with Sony-level products. Everything that concerns the internal filling and sound quality, of course, is inferior to the proprietary analogs.

Introduction to AirBeats Headphones

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The design and functionality is almost in line with the classic wireless headset. Devices are small in size, allow the owner to easily connect the source of sound with the player, and if necessary, and talk through the gadget on the smartphone. By the way, wireless stereo headphones AirBeats are also equipped with a microphone, which allows you to talk with your interlocutor on cellular communication without turning to the main device.

Noteworthy is another feature of the models of this brand. They contain controls right in the small shells of the liners. That is, the music lover can switch songs by pressing the earpiece himself. The special controller allows you to also adjust the volume of the sound, take calls from the smartphone, etc. You can charge the device through a USB cable that is connected from the side of the case. But, as far as sound quality is concerned, you should not expect any special surprises from AirBeats. Wireless headphones of this level still refer to universal and do not allow full disclosure of frequency features of tracks.


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It is considered that manufacturers of budget digital technology save on additional accessories included in the basic kit. However, in this case, the set is wide and completely covers the needs of the average user of the AirBeats headset. Wireless headphones are complemented by a mini-USB cable and a plastic clip. What is especially interesting, the kit includes an additional earpiece. It is important to distinguish between devices as intended. In particular, the large main earpiece is equipped with a microphone and a Bluetooth module, and the second element performs only the function of the insert-player.

User's manual

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First of all it is necessary to provide communication of headphones with a gadget. This is done using the main button with the Bluetooth symbol located on the insert. It must be held until the blue area starts blinking red-blue. Also, keep in mind that the same button is responsible for turning the audio player on and off. After the synchronization with the phone is completed, playback will continue. Next, consider the function directly to the headset, which can be used as wireless headphones AirBeats. The instruction notes that to receive a call, you should press the same large button, after which the caller's phone number will be automatically dictated.

You can end the call by pressing the same center button. To make a call to the last number, click on it twice. You can say that the convenience of receiving and making calls is the strengths of AirBeats. Wireless headphones have a minimum of controls and give maximum capabilities - just what the foremost segmenters are striving for.

Positive feedback on the AirBeats

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Perhaps the main factor that attracts users to the headphones of the Chinese manufacturer is convenience and ergonomics in general. Developers managed to take full advantage of the wireless headset, which is highly appreciated by the owners of the device. Also the stable working communication and the functionality of the microphone are stressed, which does not fail during the conversation. Manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom traditionally rely on the appearance - no exception, and wireless headphones AirBeats. The reviews note the aesthetics of design, which is presented in several design options.

Negative feedback

Despite the attractive appearance, the quality of materials used in the body of many is questionable. According to the owners of these headphones, thin plastic is felt, which is unlikely to withstand strong physical exertion. Even with falls, there is a risk of cracking in the case, which inevitably affects the quality of communication and sound reproduction. As for the characteristics of music playback, according to this criterion, users do not appreciate the wireless headphones AirBeats. Reviews do not talk about serious distortions, as is typical of budget devices, but full disclosure of the frequency spectrum is also not revealed. The model is more suitable for utilitarian use, including as a convenient headset. But for sophisticated music lovers it is still not recommended.


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The presence of fakes AirBeats on the market speaks about the success of this product. With all the shortcomings, the Chinese headphones quite justify attracting the attention of undemanding users to the sound, who need a practical and functional gadget. Actually, it is as a convenient headset and it is worth considering the devices from AirBeats. Wireless headphones, the price of which varies within 1,5-2 thousand rubles, even theoretically can not compete with the high bar set by Sony and Philips brands. But it is for such money that the AirBeats models are available on the Russian market and, for some operational properties, the creators came close to eminent companies. Suffice it to mention the wide functionality of headphones, their ergonomics and stylish design, which underscores the successful implementation of wireless technology.

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  • AirBeats - wireless headphones: description, manual, reviews AirBeats - wireless headphones: description, manual, reviews AirBeats - wireless headphones: description, manual, reviews AirBeats - wireless headphones: description, manual, reviews AirBeats - wireless headphones: description, manual, reviews AirBeats - wireless headphones: description, manual, reviews