A solid clearance of the Kia Rio - now the car is capable of more

A solid clearance of the "Kia Rio" - now the car is capable of more

Kia Rio has become very popular withEuropean motorists - in the car dealerships for the Korean car literally lined up queues. The high ground clearance of the Kia Rio made the car comfortable for city conditions. The car is equipped with the same engines as Ceed: petrol and diesel in volume of 1.6 or 2.0 liters. The most economical version among its colleagues on the conveyor belt is a modification with a 1.4-liter powerplant and manual transmission. In a mixed cycle, this car consumes only 5.9 liters, which represents a serious economy, given the current fuel prices.

clearance 2013

Mechanics and Automation

Both American and European modificationsare aggregated as an automatic gearbox, and mechanics, and if necessary, you can order a "start-stop" system. Expressive and harmonious image, created by a team of designer Peter Schreier, immediately evokes sympathy for this car.

Acclimatization passed!

clearance of kiaro

Kia Rio - a car with a "hot" name, in the opinion ofdevelopers, will perfectly feel on the Russian roads with their not always hospitable, but rather, harsh conditions. The creators claim that this car feels great in this environment and is fully adapted to it. This is evidenced by the emphasis on the comfort of tuning the suspension and the huge energy intensity. In addition, the "Kia Rio" ground clearance is also pleasing.

Every centimeter is important

Thanks to the strengthened suspension bracket, to motorists notwill need to often visit the service. The engineers of the concern also took into account the quality of the road surface in Russia and the CIS and raised the "Kia Rio" clearance of 2013 to 16 cm.

But it is worthwhile to understand that the ground clearance variesdepending on the workload. With an empty machine, it will match the claimed. If the load is maximum, the clearance of "Kia Rio" will be about 120 mm, which should be taken into account.

High standards

The standard equipment, according to experts,is ascetic, but already in it the car is equipped with heated rear-view mirrors with electric drive. There are airbags, daytime running lights, ABS, emergency braking system ESS, parktronic, air conditioning, on-board computer and other pleasant options.

kiasio technical characteristics of clearance

The interior and exterior of the car will also pleaseowner: sitting in the car, you feel that everything is done with Korean scruples - accurately and accurately. Even with inexpensive materials, the basic equipment with its modest equipment does not create a sense of austerity. Convenience and comfort of the driver during driving, obviously, were the main criterion: ergonomic seats are adjusted to the owner's parameters. Of course, in Russia, the country of broken roads and high curbs, the significant clearance of "Kia Rio" is also rightfully considered a winning indicator.

To Russia with love

Bright, spacious, bright and modernA car with excellent driving qualities has a moderate price. The price of the base Kia Rio starts at 460,000 rubles. The modification with an automatic transmission is more expensive for 200,000 rubles, which is also justified by the economy of the car.

In the Russian version of the "Kia Rio" technicalcharacteristics (clearance, bodywork, trim) were specially thought out in view of the harsh reality. The body and the bottom are treated with high-quality anti-corrosion coating, the crankcase protection is provided. Cool indicators also have a cold start of the engine; a powerful heating system is provided, as well as the specially designed for Russia trim of the Clean Touch seats, which repels dirt.

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  • A solid clearance of the Kia Rio - now the car is capable of more A solid clearance of the Kia Rio - now the car is capable of more A solid clearance of the Kia Rio - now the car is capable of more A solid clearance of the Kia Rio - now the car is capable of more A solid clearance of the Kia Rio - now the car is capable of more