A dream interpretation will explain why

Souls were in the dark at night. A dream interpretation will explain why

Infrequently, people dream of important, important dreams. They come from the astral spaces only in the most important, crucial moments of life. When in the country of Morpheus you met souls, open the dream book necessarily. This is an important message that can push in the right direction. Let's see how to properly treat the image of the soul.

soul dream book

Wangi's Dream

The seer was serious about our image. She said that the soul dreams as a reminder of the need to adhere to morality in behavior. When they saw the souls coming from the astral, Wangi's dream book advises to think over every decision, even the petty one. People consider you to be honest, noble and just. However, this opinion can be shaken and even completely changed by any erroneous or unbalanced statement. It is necessary to think what you are doing, to measure words and deeds with the principles of conscience. Dream warns against the desire to succumb to temptation. Your reputation will suffer from this. Separately, Vanga talks about the situation when the separation of the soul from the physical body was imagined. If you flew away, get sick. If other people, whose souls are hanging apart from the bodies, have a dream, then trouble will happen to them. Probably receiving mourning news - the dream book warns. The souls of the dead are a good sign. These are your guardian angels. They came to cheer up in a difficult situation or to warn about the imminent flowering of your life. It's good if they had a conversation with them. Write down everything that is remembered. This information should be used when making important decisions.

 dream of people's souls

Small Interpreter

Souls dream this dream, too, is a good vision. They come from subtle worlds, bringing into the world Divine love. There is no other energy there. Once appeared in your dream, it means that the strength to overcome the higher tasks is not enough. A stormy period ahead. It is necessary to concentrate, gather and tune in to serious changes. They can affect any of the spheres of life or all together, warns the dream book. Souls have come to say that you will certainly cope if you do not betray the principles of humanity, do not fall on the path of betrayal and money-grubbing. Whatever happens, think about the fact that people are equal, everyone has the right to happiness. Do not put obstacles on the paths of others, they will not interfere with you either, recommends the dream book. The souls of people who are now living have a different meaning. Perhaps you have become selfish towards friends, have ceased to help them. Your angels have gathered for advice. We decided to tell you, to warn about a possible mistake. Sometimes the souls of living people have a different meaning. If you saw them on a threatening background, you experienced anxiety or fear, then the area where you live will shake a tragedy or an armed conflict. Bad sign. But since I came to you, it means that there is a probability of preventing a catastrophe. Think about what you can do.

dream of the souls of the dead

Sonnik Miller

This respected source of knowledge about the essence of nightimages also pays attention to our topic. Only he does it his own way. So, Mr. Miller regards the soul as a sign of some achievements. And depends on the situation: triumphal or tragic. If the soul of a creative person is transferred to the body of another person, he has all the possibilities to achieve fulfillment of the cherished dream. If an artist or musician has seen that his soul is naked and standing on the stage, wait for the defeat. Another master will take all the prizes that you already thought of as your own. This is a sign of the appearance of a very strong competitor in your business. We must not stop and constantly work on developing our own talent, recommends a dream book. The soul of the child goes to the path, over which a woman in the country of Morpheus walks, as a petitioner. She says to the beautiful woman: "I want to come into the world, let me go!" Soon the woman will become pregnant. In no case is it advisable to get rid of the fetus. He is given by the Lord!

dream son showers

French dream book

As always, the world of the West makes its ownadjustments even in the most subtle material processes. The source calls for a more rational and mundane approach to our vision. Dreamed that the soul separated from your body and flew away? Soon you will suffer because of the loss of all property. Material above all! But there are also positive moments, given the mentality of the French. A soul in the terrible palaces of Hell, prone to the sick, promises that quick, miraculous healing. And healthy - enrichment. Something, apparently, a person worked in a dream. The vision indicates that a portion of karma was written off to him.

Sonny Hasse

This source suggests leaning on the idea ofthe divinity of the soul. Once you saw this symbol of purity, to know, the Most High is favoring you. You can leave all doubts. Implement plans and dream about more. Love and confess! Be bold, in general. Higher forces are on your side. Souls that give advice are a wonderful sign. Believe me, it appears extremely rare. Says such an event in the country of Morpheus about the importance of your personality to others. Even the most modest person is obliged to listen to the dreamed souls. The moment will come, he will need to do something that will affect the community or, possibly, the country. Discard fears and doubts! A feat is ahead.

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  • A dream interpretation will explain why A dream interpretation will explain why A dream interpretation will explain why A dream interpretation will explain why A dream interpretation will explain why A dream interpretation will explain why A dream interpretation will explain why A dream interpretation will explain why A dream interpretation will explain why