A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy

A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy

Many adhere to an absolutely unjustthe opinion that only the weak female sex solves its "far-fetched" problems through magic. How wrong they are! Men are also not strangers to "magic" means. For example, the conspiracy "to make a favorite called" is very popular. There are situations when you can not show initiative yourself. And this is not a sign of weakness. We just need to endure for a while, letting the girl "make her own decision". But leaving the process on its own is very dangerous, even risky. In this case, it is recommended not to dismiss the magical help. She and your confidence will strengthen, and she will be given the opportunity to feel affectionate, beloved. Let's look at how this is done.

conspiracy to make a favorite called

How the conspiracy works

For a loved one to call,"Operations". An important place is given not to words, but to thoughts and feelings. That is, the ritual is more effective, the more your own energy you put into it. After all, not the genie will jump out and do all the work for you. In fact, the process is carried out "in-house". Only you yourself can create an energy bridge with your beloved, which will pass the desired message. Strong conspiracies simply increase the power of this connection, help you to concentrate your intentions at the right point. This can be represented as follows. You need to create a thought-form and enter it into the field of your beloved. She will start working there and push the girl to the right decision. Practically certain words are spoken, that is, conspiracies are read. The best ways are built on the ability to create a certain mood, that is, to concentrate and guide the emotional message. But let's start in order.

Create the right mood

strong conspiraciesGuys should understand that the girl is pleasedfeel constant care. Not to be confused with total control! Imagine that you wrapped it in the softest blanket and shake it on your hands. It is necessary to imagine it, concentrating on its pleasure. The conspiracy "to make a beloved call" is read only when you fully "grow together" with this sensation, that is, you will begin to perceive it as real. To do this, any help is suitable. If the imagination is bad, then look at her photo, hold the thing to which she touched. The rest is a matter of practice. One must be able to dream, create thought forms, then your magic (conspiracies) will become highly effective. Be sure to think about how you love a girl, want to protect, care, and patronize. Incorporation into the thought form of selfish desires is unacceptable. Rather, it completely disavows your efforts. In other words, you're wasting your time. There will be no effect.

Prepare for the ritual (internally)

You know, there is such an unwritten rule: the higher the level of your own energy, the more effective the plot. To love called, it is necessary to "get it". That is, to pierce the shell of its field. Energetically this problem is not simple.conspiracies the bestEven bewitching is easier, because in themapply "contact" attributes. A favorite call is remotely. In general, probably, it is understandable. It is necessary to raise the level of own energy. Do you know who he is tall? Have a happy, joyful person! Here you also need to drop discouragement and excitement and be filled with positive. How to do it, decide for yourself. One will be helped by physical exercise, the other by music, the third by a good film or book. There are two restrictions: no alcohol and no aggression. Energy will go to waste. Egregors of alcohol and aggression will "drink" it without a trace.

Prepare for the ritual (externally)

Have you seen how real magicians do? At least in the movies? They create special "scenery" for their work. In this there is a definite meaning. They are helped by special things, in which they draw strength. A home magician also needs a "magical" environment.

magic conspiracies

It will not allow to distract, dissipate energy. It is necessary to turn off the communication facilities, and in general electrical appliances. You may not believe it, but your power may well drain on the wires if an experienced vampire is around, and in other cases. That is, turn everything off for the time of the ritual, spend it alone. And do not tell others about your practice. It can damage. Strong conspiracies like silence and mystery. Take into account, energy (that is, your magic message) can be redirected at any time. And there are enough people around, you just do not see them and do not feel them. This is not only people or magicians, but also egregores, essences and so on.

Conspiracies are fast

Stand in front of the mirror, tune. Write a finger on the surface of your favorite number. Say once: "Raven is looking for a dove, it does not peck, but gives grain. Go raven on my business, to the beloved (girl's name) limit. In the heart of sadness, and bring the phone. Let my number dial, from anguish and boredom suffers! The word is strong and sturdy. As from the mirror, turn away, so with the beloved will meet! Amen! "Now it is necessary to cover the surface with an opaque cloth and wait for the desired bell. Another conspiracy of the fast. It is read at any time, but its effectiveness is not very great. Depends on concentration. Look at the luminary (which is at the moment) and say: "The sky is coming arba, the stars are interfering with the sun, the planet assigns day and night! I will stretch out my arms to her, to pour boredom (girl's name) into boredom. To eat and drink stopped, only I suffered! Let him desire my words more than others. Amen!"

conspiracies are fast

Ritual for the bell

Carried out with a church candle. Take a sheet of paper and a red pencil (better paint). Light the candle, write on the piece of phone number favorite. Read seven times: "I lie down, praying, get up, crossed. The earth hides the worms, the beasts - the forest and the field! Pisces water is nicer, and the stars in the sky are more fun. Only my favorite dove (name) does not know peace, it suffers from boredom. May the Lord bless us, join us in a word! Amen! "House charms can be read at least every day, if you wish. Harm from them there. But do not forget to properly tune. It is recommended to constantly keep in mind the image of your beloved. She will certainly feel it. And the answer will come to you. It only needs to "catch" it. One voice of her looks, another - the smell of perfume. Do not be scared. It is a sign that the plot began to act.

Conspiracy with mirrors and photos

If you have an image of a loved one, thenuse it in the ritual. Place the two small mirrors at an angle to each other. Photo so arrange that it is reflected in both. Read aloud: "From the world into the world a girl wanders. Nowhere is it suitable for anyone! My bird is suffering and suffering. The question torments everyone: who is my destiny? Do not cry, do not suffer, dial my number. As soon as you hear my voice, my heart will understand that I found peace! In a word, I fasten the worlds! Amen!". Now place the photo between the mirrors and tie it with a white ribbon. You can not open them until you receive a call.

home conspiracies

Plot on the window

This ritual is held at the open window. You need to take a piece of paper. Write on it the words of the conspiracy: "Lord, forgive! Mother Mother of God, let go! Bless my desires. I want to hear the bell till dawn! Not from the Temple or the Monastery. And that my beloved called (name)! Lord, forgive the sinner! Suffer from both and admit! Amen! "Now tear the leaf into small pieces and throw it into the window with the words:" Fly to your beloved, hurry, bring it from her! "Now, wait for your wishes to be fulfilled. If everything is done correctly, you will soon rejoice.

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  • A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy A conspiracy to have your beloved call. Home conspiracy