24 sexual misconceptions

24 sexual misconceptions

o-sex-facebookIt's easy to see why so many of us look like dummies when it comes to sex. Most of what we know about him came to us from journal articles written by idiots and from older brothers or sisters. Those who grow up having access to the Internet are no different in this respect from the rest, as they spread various silly myths by simply clicking the Share button. So let us shed some light on sex issues.

1. Myth: A woman can get pregnant from the male "grease"
Fact: There are no active spermatozoa in the pre-ejaculate.

In the course of two separate studies, scientists found that most of the pre-ejaculate samples (pre-seeds, or Cooper fluids) taken by them did not contain seminal fluid at all. The spermatozoa found in the remaining samples was very small. Moreover, they were motionless - in other words, they could not swim.

2. Myth: condoms worsen sensations during sex.
Fact: You use the wrong type of condom.

According to the survey, 68 percent of men choose condoms of the wrong size. Properly selected condoms can significantly improve the pleasant sensations derived from having sex. Researchers also note that the choice of condoms depends on your preferences. However, you need to experiment: you think that you will like condoms with ribs, when in fact the ultra-thin suit you best.

3. Myth: Marriages between cousins ​​and sisters lead to a genetic catastrophe.
Fact: in fact, the probability of having unhealthy offspring is extremely low.

According to a recent study in Iceland, marriages between cousins ​​and sisters had more children and grandchildren than ordinary couples. The number of congenital malformations was only 2-3% - the same was the risk for women who became pregnant when they turned forty.

4. Myth: “open” relationships are doomed to failure.
Fact: couples practicing swinging get along great.

Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship.And, according to the results of numerous studies, couples who are in polygamous relationships communicate incredibly well. Their relationship is also less burdened by fear, anger, jealousy and rejection, compared to monogamous couples. When they experience negative feelings, they do not keep them in themselves, but share them with their partners.

5. Myth: during critical days, women should avoid having sex.
Fact: Sex is a great way to relieve pain.

Sex during menstruation is considered forbidden, for the most part because of the unhygienic aspect. However, this is unfair, since contractions of the uterus muscles that a woman experiences during sex and orgasm in particular, can alleviate occasional pain. In addition, sex can relieve the headaches experienced by some women during menstruation. Plus, during critical days, the woman’s body is more sensitive, making the sensations from sex better.

6. Myth: interruption of sexual intercourse does not prevent unwanted pregnancy.
Fact: interrupting sexual intercourse is as effective as using condoms.

The method of interrupting sexual intercourse, if used correctly, gives a 96 percent guarantee of protection against unwanted pregnancy. In turn, condoms, if used correctly, give a 98 percent guarantee of protection against unwanted pregnancy. Improper use of the method of interrupting sexual intercourse and condoms reduces the warranty to 82 and 83 percent, respectively. However, it should be remembered that interrupting sexual intercourse will not protect you against sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Myth: Men reach the sexual peak earlier than women.
Fact: hormones do not affect when you reach the sexual peak.

Testosterone reaches a peak when the man is about 30 years old. Estrogen reaches its maximum when a woman is over twenty years old. However, sexual maturity is more concerned with attitude and comfort. Middle-aged women are considered the most sexual because they had plenty of time to experiment and have already accepted their own sexuality.

8. Myth: sex sells.
Fact: sex makes people forget what you sell.

As research results show, people tend to forget what is advertised if advertising is based on the topic of sex. Only about 22 percent of women are able to recall the advertised product after watching sexual clips. Men and even less - only 10 percent.

9. Myth: Any man can learn not to end a long time.
Fact: Some men have a predisposition to end quickly.

According to New York sex therapist Stephen Snyder, "if you are not able to last more than a minute while having sex, then you will hardly ever be able to work like porn stars, no matter what you do for this."

10. Myth: men love casual sex; women are not.
Fact: women are open to casual relationships.

According to research results, a woman will willingly agree to a casual relationship if she is confident in the competence of her partner. Since women need more effort to get an orgasm, they do not want to spend time on sex, which does not bring them pleasure.

11. Myth: no sex before an important game!
Fact: Sex does not affect your athletic performance.

Not so many calories are burned during sex, so you are unlikely to be exhausted. And if you think that sex will negatively affect the level of testosterone in the body, then you can not worry about it. In fact, it causes the body to produce even more testosterone, making men more competitive.

12. Myth: Women always experience pain when they lose their virginity.
Fact: it hurts only if you are not relaxed.

A woman's vagina responds to her mental state. If a woman experiences stress, then the vagina is compressed. And if she believes that losing her virginity is painful, then it will be so. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. If the partners are slow and relaxed, the woman will not experience pain in the loss of virginity.

13. Myth: With age, people stop having sex.
Fact: Older people also have sex.

The results of a recent survey showed that 75 percent of US residents between the ages of 57 and 75 are sexually active. In addition, more than half of the respondents stated that they had engaged in oral sex at least once in the past year.In Russia, such a survey was not conducted.

14. Myth: birth control pills taken after sex do not save from pregnancy.
Fact: birth control pills prevent ovulation.

If you had unprotected sex during ovulation, the birth control pill taken after intercourse cannot prevent pregnancy. However, if the fertilization of the egg does not occur, birth control pills can prevent the onset of ovulation. Remember, sperm, once in the vagina, remain active for another week.

15. Myth: after marriage, a couple loses interest in sex.
Fact: In married people, sex is more common than in unmarried people.

According to the Kinsey Institute, nearly 50% of married people consistently have sex 2-3 times a week. Meanwhile, more than 50 percent of respondents did not have sex in the last year.

16. Myth: Women prefer rolling to not brainy guys.
Fact: women want their man to be headlong.

Scientists showed the students videos on which men performed various tasks, and asked them to evaluate each of them as a potential partner.According to the results of the study, girls preferred creative and intelligent men, rather than athletes or beauties.

17. Myth: a virgin should have a virgin membrane.
Fact: it will not be long ago by the time you decide to have sex for the first time in your life.

First, the hymen is not continuous - it looks more like a donut. In childhood, she "wears out" as a result of washing, walking, playing sports and other things. Part of it, of course, remains. If the hymen was continuous, then the virgins would not have menstruation.

18. Myth: The right herbs can make you sexually attracted.
Fact: herbal aphrodisiacs can kill you.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, no herbal supplements can affect your sexual desire. Some even lead to problems with the genitourinary system. Moreover, in 1995, four Americans died after taking herbal aphrodisiacs.

19. Myth: girls in American colleges indulge.
Fact: Students are less likely to experiment with same-sex sex.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, college students are less likely to have same-sex relationships, unlike girls who do not attend college. (Only 10% of college students ever experimented with same-sex sex, compared with 15% of girls who did not even receive a secondary education.) This is just a stereotype imposed on us by Hollywood.

20. Myth: Conception occurs during sex.
Fact: in order for this to happen, it takes several days (up to a week).

Sperm can live inside the female body for up to a week. If fertilization did not happen during sex, then it can happen over a period of seven days.

21. Myth: Take a cold shower to soothe your libido.
Fact: cold showers increase hormone levels.

A cold shower increases testosterone levels, and, accordingly, your libido. It's like an erotic massage. Also a cold shower causes a surge of energy and leads to an increase in the amount of sperm.

22. Myth: chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac.
Fact: Chocolate arouses sexual desire, but only if you eat it in large quantities.

Chocolate is associated with love and romance, but it is not an aphrodisiac.It contains serotonin and phenylethylamine, which cause a hormonal surge, but in this case you should eat it in unrealistic quantities. And chocolate should be of high quality, and not the fact that we love to eat.

23. Myth: casual sex negatively affects your emotional state.
Fact: it contributes to your well-being.

According to psychologists, those people who practice casual relationships suffer less from depression and have a higher self-esteem, if they do it for the right reasons - for the sake of pleasure and fun.

24. Myth: people who practice BDSM are mentally ill.
Fact: actually the opposite is true.

People who prefer sadomasochism (or other nontraditional types of sex), more open to new experiences, as well as less nervous, anxious and not paranoid. Moreover, they are reliable and loyal partners. Scientists say that this is due to their satisfaction with their own sexual life.

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  • 24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions

    24 sexual misconceptions